Remove Outlook Duplicates using Outlook Duplicate Removal

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    May 6th, 2015
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Being an Outlook user, it’s a very common situation to have duplicate items in the form of email messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes as well as attachments in Outlook data files. These duplicate items may cause some serious problems, such as Outlook email client application will start to slow down in performance, having multiple copies of the same item may cause great confusion or disorder in Outlook, the mailbox size will be increased or exceeded, and many more.

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Why do the duplicate items appear in Outlook?

There are many reasons due to which an Outlook user can have a large number of duplicate items in its mailbox.

  • If you receive multiple copies of the same email message again and again from any of your friends, colleagues, teammates or clients. This will increase the number of duplicate items in your Outlook PST file.
  • You must perform synchronization with the laptop or mobile device in an incorrect manner, it may cause duplication in your Outlook mailbox.
  • If you enable the “Leave Messages on the Server” settings option in the mail server, this will generate the duplicate items your Outlook.
  • Due to an incorrect configuration of Outlook rules, the email duplication may take place. For e.g., if two or more “move a copy to” rules are applied to a certain email message, this may lead to email duplication in your Outlook mailbox.
  • Sometimes merging the PST files into a single file manually, may result in duplicated items.
  • Though it’s not obvious, sometimes an antivirus program may also create duplicate items.

The above are a few common reasons which cause duplication in Outlook mailbox data. If the duplicate items are not removed or deleted from Outlook, they will increase the mailbox size or sometimes exceed the size limitation. As we know that Outlook data file aka PST (personal storage table) has a definite file size, i.e. 2 GB for ANSI PST and 20 GB for Unicode PST. If you are using Outlook 2002 or any earlier version of Outlook, the increasing number of duplicate items in your PST file will increase its size too. And if it exceeds the size limitation, i.e 2 GB, the file may become inaccessible or corrupted. We all know that an oversized Outlook PST file is prone to corruption.

To avoid corruption in PST files and to enhance the performance of Outlook, you must remove or delete all duplicate items from your PST files.

Remove Outlook Duplicates By Using Third-party Software

SysInfoTools Software has built a product for removing all duplicate items from Outlook without causing any damage or data loss. The Outlook Duplicate Remover tool can successfully remove duplicates from the inbox, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes as well as the attachments. It is an easy-to-use tool that will require no prior technical expertise.

Bottom Lines

Above, I have described the best ways to remove Outlook duplicates using Outlook Duplicate Removal. Just follow the above write-up in order to remove duplicates in Outlook. Best Way to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

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