How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

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    April 27th, 2018
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    March 5, 2021
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Emails play a pivotal role smooth functioning of your work. It is also considered as one of the primary modes for sharing information or data. Many a time we come across similar emails, the notification which makes our work more hectic and tedious. Duplicate emails are those emails which repeatedly appears in Outlook PST files. However, when it appears it creates a lot of confusion among users deciding; what to do with the email consisting of duplicates or where to find and remove duplicate emails in outlook.

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This duplicate emails not only increase the confusion among users but they also decrease the performance of MS Outlook, limits the actual storage capacity of Outlook as well. In the article, we will discuss and see the causes behind it and how to remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST file.

Reasons for duplicate emails appearing in Outlook

In order to remove duplicate emails in outlook pst file, you have to check many things which cause Outlook items to duplicate, but the most common reasons are discussed below:

  1. Incorrect account setup: In numerous cases, the problem arises due to incorrect email account setting and this results in multiple instances of each incoming email, contacts and calendar entries.
  2. Rules not configured correctly: At times it is also found that the rules and guidelines not configured properly set, this results in multiple instances of the same messages.
  3. Anti-virus issues: Sometimes even your anti-virus software may also create duplicate e-mails.
  4. Synchronization issues: Due to sync problems we have also observed duplicated contacts and messages.
  5. User errors: Lots of time the duplicate email occurs while manually copying and pasting meetings and appointments in the Outlook Calendar. So it is necessary to remove duplicate emails in outlook.
  6. Other Reasons: You may receive multiple copies of the same email from your friends or colleagues who may forward it to get your attention.

Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

For removing the duplicates email generally, two methods are followed

(1)    Manual Steps In Outlook and

(2)    Alternative (Third Party tools)

But before you opt to choose any of the two methods kindly Check your mail Account Settings because most of the time, users try to configuring Microsoft Outlook files at a number of times, which adds various accounts to Outlook while synchronizing the PST files, which made a copy in Outlook. However, it can be removed by following few steps:

Manual method Remove Duplicate PST files

  1. Open MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Go to the file menu option, select Info and click on the Account Settings.
  3. In the Windows of your account settings, there is a mail tab. Search out configured account name.
  4. If you see that the account is configured with the same file name for more than one time then, you can remove extra account by selecting mail account >> choose to Remove option.
  5. Click on the close key to remove the duplicate account.

Alternative (Third Party tools)


Apart from this if you are unable to remove or resolve this duplicate Mail from your Outlook then contact or buy SysInfoTools Outlook Duplicate Remover. This software is very friendly for all version of Windows. It is completely safe as well as secure to use and very helpful in removing all the duplication from files and folders of MS Outlook without losing a data.

Software Guide to Remove Outlook Duplicacy

Outlook Duplicate Remover Software

1. After you Download & Install the software, select the PST file from your system(Multiple Selection can be made).               

Select the folder to Remove duplicate files

2. The software will carry out the scan process. Now from the tree view of the folders select your folder from which you need to remove duplicate files and click Next button.

Date Range Option to search PST files

3. Choose your search options from the provided options and select the date range which will ease you to find our particular file.


4. Select the comparison criteria and also select the for removing the duplicates in the original file according to your need and requirement. And choose the Next of to finish deleting your duplicate files.


5. Like this, you have now removed the duplicate PST files from Outlook.


Email duplication creates huge confusion among users. Therefore, it is important to remove duplicate emails in outlook pst file in order to gain Outlook performance back. For removing the duplicate items, we have suggested both manual and alternative (third-party tools) so that you may remove all your duplicate emails from Outlook in an easy and effective way.

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