Migrate Business Google Workspace to Personal Gmail Account

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    March 31st, 2023
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Summary:-Google Workspace is used by many organizations worldwide and it consists of Google Emails, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Calendars, and Google Contacts. On the other hand, Gmail only contains emails in various folders like Inbox, Sent Items, Starred, Drafts, etc. So, when a user wants to migrate Calendar, Photos, Drive, Email, and Contacts to Gmail then he needs to move his whole Google Workspace to Gmail. Therefore, in this article, we would discuss a direct way to migrate Google Workspace to Gmail Account including all items. You can make use of the Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool to perform an efficient migration.

Reasons for Transferring Google Workspace to Gmail

You can check out the reasons in the table below and find out why large organizations are exporting their Google Workspace items to their Gmail account.

Reasons Google Workspace Gmail
Cost You will have to pay a subscription fee if you are using Google Workspace. Gmail is absolutely free and doesn’t have a subscription. This is the reason why people shift from Google Workspace to Gmail.
Domain Extension Google Workspace has a domain extension as the company’s name. For eg. xyz@yourcompany.com. Gmail has a universal extension in the email address and it is like abc@gmail.com.
Features The features of Google Workspace might differ from one plan to another depending upon the subscription plan you have taken. Gmail has the same feature in all the accounts it offers to its users. Every user enjoys the same feature in Gmail.
Storage Space You will enjoy a paid space of 30 GBs in Google Workspace. Gmail users enjoy a free space of 15 GBs and this is the reason why organizations migrate Google Workspace to Gmail accounts.
Account Management The permission for the services that can be used by the Google Workspace users is decided from the Admin Panel. There is no such Admin Control in Gmail and every user gets full access to the features of Gmail.

There are 5 major reasons why users are moving all items from Google Workspace to their Gmail account. Now, you must see the direct method to migrate all the data from your Google Workspace account to Gmail.

One Direct Method to Transfer Google Workspace to Gmail

The only way to migrate all items from Google Workspace to Gmail is through the Gmail Backup Tool. This software is smart enough to move Google Workspace Emails, Calendars, Photos, Drives, and Contacts to Gmail with all items. On the other hand, you can even migrate mailboxes in GBs from Google Workspace to your Gmail account. Let’s explore the simple steps to perform the migration.

Steps to Migrate Google Workspace Items to Gmail

  • Download, Install, and Launch Gmail Backup Tool.
  • Enter your username Google Workspace Email Address and authenticate the Login process.
  • Now you can preview all the Emails and other folders in a tree structure of your Google Workspace account.
  • Mark the emails or folders that you want to migrate and click on the Next Button.
  • Now in the Save As option, choose Gmail and enter the credential of the Gmail account where you want to migrate the Google Workspace items.
  • Authenticate the Login Process and click on the convert button.

All your Google Workspace items like calendars, contacts, drive, photos, and emails will be migrated to your Gmail account.

Benefits of Gmail Backup Tool

  • Quick Migration of the whole Google Workspace account to the Gmail Account.
  • Migrates One G Suite Account to Another G Suite Account.
  • There is no maximum limit to the size of items you are migrating.
  • High compatibility with all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Simple interface for better performance and quick transfer.
  • A free version of this tool is also available for performance evaluation.
  • Migrates every single item of Google Workspace like Calendars, Emails, Contacts, Drives, and Photos to Gmail.


Now you have a direct solution to migrate Google Workspace to Gmail Account with all items and unlimited mailbox size. There are also many reasons for importing the Google Workspace items to your Gmail account and that’s why people are doing the migration. If you are also one of them then you can implement the above method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I transfer Emails and Contacts from two different Google Workspace Accounts to Gmail?

Ans – Yes, with the help of the Gmail Backup Tool, you can transfer emails and contacts from two or more different Google Workspace Accounts to your Gmail Account.

Q. Is there any way to do the migration manually?

Ans – If you want to do the migration manually then you will have to share each and every item one by one to your Gmail account. Bulk migration would be tedious if you are doing it manually.

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