How to Import Outlook PST Files into Hotmail Account?

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    September 20th, 2019
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Summary:-User Query: “I have a large pst file from an O365 account which I can no longer access and would like to import that data to a Hotmail account. Is that possible, or is it only possible to import it into another paid account?” Importing the local Outlook data into a Hotmail account is quite an easy process. But there are things that you must keep in mind while uploading the PST file to Hotmail. Here, in this article, I’ll be providing different ways to import PST into Hotmail Account. So, let’s start.

Upload All Your Data to

You need to upload all your PST data to Hotmail and this can be easily done by simply moving your items and then folders from your current mailbox to the mailbox.

Default Mail Folders

During the process to import data from default mail folders such as Inbox, Sent Items, etc., you might face the problem as these folders can’t move easily. To import PST to Hotmail account, you have to first select all the items (CTRL+A) and then you can transfer all the selected items to the folder in your Hotmail account folder.


The best technique to import the Outlook PST calendar to Hotmail is by switching the Calendar view to the List view through the View Tab.


The process to move contacts is similar to move emails from the Inbox folder. To easily export the contacts, you can switch the List view through the Home Tab.


Moving the tasks is an easy process, you can note two things here,

1. Make sure to select the Task Folder and not the To-Do List

2. Keep in mind that filters are not applied, Select Simple list or Detailed list. This particular step will also allow you to move the history of tasks that are already completed.

Set as the default and remove PST from Outlook

After you have uploaded all your data, you can remove your PST file from Outlook.

  1. Firstly, go to File >> Account Settings >> 
  2. Click Email: Remove your POP3 account if it is still there.
  3. Click Data Files: Set the ost file of your account as the default.
  4. Then, restart Outlook when prompted.
  5. After that, return to the Data File tab.
  6. Kindly take note of the location of the pst-file.
  7. Now, select your pst-file and click Remove.
  8. Close Outlook and delete the pst-file.

Once you have uploaded all your PST data to, you can remove the file from Outlook.

Try the Third-party tool to Import PST to Hotmail Account

Transfer PST data to account by using SysInfoTools PST Converter software. This utility offers the functionality to back up and restores the PST data into the Hotmail account. The restore feature can be easily used to retrieve data from any mailbox in just a few clicks.

You can use this software to restore the local PST file data into the Hotmail account. With this utility, you can restore PST emails along with attachments. Additionally, it also ensures retaining the complete metadata attributes and the folder structure. If you are using Mac Outlook then you will need to import OLM to Hotmail because Mac Outlook doesn’t support PST files.


So, by now you must have known the ways to easily import Outlook PST files into your Hotmail account. This write-up explains the best method to transfer emails from Outlook to without causing data loss. A third-party tool is also here which is an effective solution to move PST files to Outlook PST files to

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