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Methods to Import Outlook PST Files to Hotmail Account

As we know, Importing Outlook PST data to Hotmail is not rocket science. However, there are a couple of things that we have to keep in our mind while importing the PST file to Nowadays, most of us are willing to export their Outlook Data to their Hotmail account. In this blog, we will discuss how to import Outlook PST files to the Hotmail account with ease.

Why is it necessary to Import Outlook PST files to Hotmail?

As we know, Outlook is a popular email client that is used all over the world. However, most of the Outlook user wants to keep their outlook data eternally. Eventually, They decide to import PST files to Hotmail.

The outlook is a cloud-based email application whereas Hotmail as a web-based email client that can be accessible at one's convenience. It provides an unforgettable experience with a lot of extraordinary features stands it out from the crowd. So, we have are with smart methods to export PST files from Outlook to Hotmail.

There are numerous factors due to which Outlook users switch to the Hotmail account. Due to some amazing features most of them are given below have a look:

1. Personal Folders

Hotmail as an application provides personal folders. This option permits you to group emails by type so one can search related emails up easily when you want to.

2. Connect to Social Media

This functionality offers you to socialize during staying in one medium and reduces stress. Hotmail permits you to chat with your family & friends on Facebook.

3. Filtering Spams

Hotmail application is an extensively used email client. It grants web-based email accounts to all its users for free. It's also fully equipped with spam filters.

4. Easily Accessible

As we know, Hotmail is a web-based email client. Unlike other email clients, It allows the users to have instant access to data anytime and anywhere which makes easier to stay in contact with relatives and friends.

Dispatch All Your PST Data to Hotmail

It's quite easy to decide what sort of data you want to import from the PST data file to Hotmail.

Mail Folders - You might face trouble While importing the data from the default folders such as inbox, sent items as these folders don't move easily. You can simply select all the items select command and then import all the items of a folder to Hotmail.

Calendar - You can import Outlook PST calendar to Hotmail simply by switching the Calendar view to the List view through the View Tab.

Contacts - Moving contacts is quite similar to moving emails from the Inbox folder. To export the contacts easily, you can switch the List view through the Home Tab.

Task - It's easy to move a task, you have to make sure about the two things,

  1. Ensure to select the task Folder and not the To-Do list
  2. Ensure that filters are not applied,Select a Simple list or Detailed list. This will also allow you to move the history of all the completed tasks.

Best Method to Import Outlook PST Files to Hotmail Account

  1. First, launch the SysInfo PST Converter software and press the add file button
    Add button
  2. Choose the Multiple mode and the format to save as PST, click Next.
  3. Choose a PST folder and press on the convert button.
  4. Now select save to Hotmail, click apply.
    Save to Hotmail
  5. Sign in with Hotmail account ID. Click “Sign In” option.
    Sign in with Hotmail account
  6. Once you will click the start button the software will show the progress of restoring data.
    Restoring data
  7. Click OK, once the conversion is completed.
    Conversion completed

I’m sure this will be extremely helpful to Import PST files to the Hotmail account. In this blog, we have discussed the best method to Import Outlook PST Files to Hotmail without any data discrepancy. But to get satisfactory and authentic results, users should opt for a third-party solution to import PST files. To Import PST files without any nuisance, we would like to suggest to go for SysInfo PST Converter. It imports PST files within a few seconds without any blunders.

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