DIY Guide to Import Mac Outlook OLM File Emails to Thunderbird

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    February 21st, 2023
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Summary:- When a user switches from Mac Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird then he needs to convert an OLM file to MBOX. The reason for this is the file format supportability by these email clients. Outlook for Mac supports OLM files and Mozilla Thunderbird is compatible with MBOX files. Therefore, when a user wants to import OLM to Thunderbird then he has to convert the OLM file to MBOX. Here, you can explore the steps to convert Mac Outlook Files to MBOX first through an OLM Converter and then import the MBOX file to your Thunderbird account.

Two Major Steps to Move OLM File Emails to Thunderbird

There is no direct method to move OLM file emails to Thunderbird therefore you will have to first convert OLM to MBOX and then easily import that MBOX file to your Thunderbird account. But first, explore various reasons why people are switching to Thunderbird from their Mac Outlook Account.

Advantages of Using Thunderbird

  • This application is free of cost and anyone can use it.
  • You can add many email IDs to the application and access them in one place.
  • Thunderbird has an Easy to Use interface so that non-technical users can use it.
  • Importing and Exporting emails from Thunderbird is an easy task.
  • You can apply various filters to your Thunderbird emails.

The above reasons have made clear why people want to import OLM to Thunderbird and change their email clients. Now let’s see the process to convert Mac Outlook File to Thunderbird MBOX and then import that file to your account.

Step 1- Convert OLM to Thunderbird MBOX

So, as we have told you that you can’t directly import Mac OLM File Emails to Thunderbird therefore, you can explore the easy steps to convert OLM files to MBOX.

  • Download and Launch the Sysinfo OLM File Converter.
  • Then Add OLM files that you want to import to Thunderbird.
  • You can even add a Large OLM file for importing even if the size is in GBs.
  • Then Select the Mailbox items you want to import and click on Next.
  • Then in the Saving option choose MBOX and apply various filters of the software if necessary.
  • In the end, Define the Path for saving the file and click on the Convert button.

All your emails will be imported from the Mac Outlook file to an MBOX File. Now you can import that MBOX file to your Thunderbird Account. This software can also help you to Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel or OLM Contacts to CSV.

Step 2- Import Converted OLM to MBOX to Thunderbird

Once you have converted an OLM file to MBOX, you can import it to your Thunderbird account. These steps to import the file are:-

  • There is an Addon ImportExportTools NG that you will have to download and Install to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Go to the Local Folders and Right-Click on it.
  • Then select the ImportExportTools NG option.
  • Now click on the Import MBOX file option from the various options available in a list.
  • Click on OK and select the MBOX file that you have recently converted from OLM.
  • Finally, click on the Open button and all the emails will be imported to Thunderbird that was present in your OLM file.


It is an easy task to Import OLM to Thunderbird with all emails and attachments. You will first have to convert the file to MBOX and then import that MBOX file to any Thunderbird account. The software can help you to import OLM files of any Outlook version. So, we hope now it would be easy for your to import Mac Outlook Files to Thunderbird.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I import an OLM file of 50 GB to Thunderbird?

Ans – Yes, you can easily import a Mac Outlook file of 50 GB to your Thunderbird Account. But you have to make sure that Thunderbird has space to import the converted OLM to the account.

Q. Is Outlook 2016 OLM File convertible to Thunderbird MBOX?

Ans – Yes, OLM files of Outlook 2016 can be easily imported to Mozilla Thunderbird. You will have to Launch OLM Converter>Add OLM>Choose Emails> Use MBOX Saving Format>Convert OLM to MBOX> Import MBOX to Thunderbird.


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