Convert Mac Outlook OLM Contacts to CSV with All Details

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    February 21st, 2023
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Summary:- If you are using MS Outlook on any mac device then all the contacts in it are stored in an OLM file format. So, when you need to view those contacts in an excel sheet or accumulate the data in a tabular form, you need to convert OLM contacts to CSV. Therefore, in this article, we will explain various methods to import Mac Outlook OLM Contacts to a CSV file. Either you can use the MS Outlook application for conversion or try the OLM Converter Software. Mac users can try the Mac OLM Converter on their Mac devices.

Two Effective Methods to Move Contacts from OLM to CSV

Here are the two ways that will help you to import only contacts from an OLM file to CSV and they are as follows:-

  • Use MS Outlook to Convert OLM to CSV (A Few OLM Conversion)
  • Try OLM Converter for OLM to CSV Conversion (Bulk OLM Conversion)

If you want to move contacts using Outlook then this method is suitable if you have a few OLM Files. If in case you want to convert contacts from multiple OLM files then it would be hectic and time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend the OLM Converter software for bulk conversion of OLM file contacts to a CSV File.

Let’s check the two methods in detail and how you are going to convert OLM contacts to CSV.

Use MS Outlook to Convert OLM to CSV

If your OLM file is already added to your Outlook account then you can follow the steps given below otherwise add the OLM file having contacts to Outlook using Import/Export Menu and then apply the below steps:-

  • Go to the file tab and click on the Open & Export option.
  • Then click on the Import/Export option.
  • Then click on the Export to a File option.
  • Now choose the Comma Separated Value (CSV) and hit Next.
  • Then define the name and Location where you want to save the CSV file.
  • Finally, click on the Finish button and the OLM file contacts will be imported to a CSV file.

You can see that this method will be fruitful if you want to convert contacts from a few OLM files to CSV. But if you have multiple OLM files then it would be a tedious task. On the other hand, you will have to be technically sound to implement these steps. Therefore, for bulk OLM to CSV conversion, you can make use of the OLM Converter Software.

If you are using Outlook on Windows then you will need to Convert PST to CSV for importing Outlook contacts.

Try OLM Converter for OLM to CSV Conversion

The OLM Converter is a multifunctional software that can convert OLM contacts to CSV in bulk. You can import all the contacts from Mac Outlook OLM files to CSV without losing any contacts. Even it is an easy process to import OLM contacts to CSV without having any technical knowledge about the OLM or CSV Files.

Steps to Import Mac Outlook OLM Contacts to CSV

  • Launch the Sysinfo OLM Converter Software.
  • Add Single or Multiple OLM files to the software having contacts.
  • Then choose the contacts folder and click on the Next button.
  • Now choose CSV file format as the Saving option.
  • Define the Location and click on the convert button.

All the contacts from your OLM files will be imported and saved to CSV. This is how you can convert all contacts of your OLM file to CSV using professional software.

Reasons for Converting Contacts to CSV

  • CSV file stores unlimited contacts in a tabular form.
  • CSV files are easily accessible on various platforms and you can open them through Excel.
  • All the data stored in a CSV file are presented in a tabular form for better understanding.
  • Gmail also gives you the option to export Gmail contacts to CSV.
  • CSV files are highly supported by various email clients and you can migrate them easily from one email client to another.
  • CSV files can easily be converted to vCard using the CSV to vCard Converter.


You have explored the best methods to convert OLM Contacts to CSV. Now it is up to you which method you choose to import Mac Outlook OLM Contacts to CSV. There are also many advantages of CSV files and this is the reason why converting contacts to CSV is the best option. So, you are free to implement any method and convert the OLM File contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I import Contacts to CSV from Mac Outlook?

Ans – You can either make use of MS Outlook or OLM Converter to import contacts from OLM to CSV on Mac. Go to File>Open&Export>Import/Export>Export to a File>Comma Separated Value. All your OLM contacts will be imported to a CSV file.

Q. Can I convert OLM Contacts to CSV on Mac?

Ans – Yes, you can convert OLM contacts to CSV on a Mac device with the help of a Mac OLM Converter. You will just have to Launch Software>Add OLM File>Mark Contacts>Choose Savings Option as CSV> Define Location>save CSV file.

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