How to Import Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp?

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    December 22nd, 2021
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Summary:- Whatsapp is a trendsetting messaging app recommended by many users and techies worldwide for safe communication. It works perfectly on Android, Windows, iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry OS. Most of the users globally must be using Whatsapp for exchanging texts, videos, documents, images, and other crucial data. But if you don’t own a Smartphone and want to add your Excel files contacts into Whatsapp for better connectivity with your friends. This article will describe the step-by-step guide solution to import contacts from Excel to Whatsapp. Read this post and get the complete solution to import Excel file contacts to android phone(Whatsapp).

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What is an Excel File?

Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft and a component of its Office suite product for business programs. It enables users to organize data in columns and rows for managing and calculating it. You can easily store a lot of data in each cell like text, contacts, numerical values, formulas.

Why Need to Add Bulk Contacts in WhatsApp From Excel?

As we all know, WhatsApp is a free messaging application and compatible with different platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows OS. Users are looking for a solution to import contacts from Excel to Whatsapp. Some of the key benefits of using Whatsapp are:

  • Allows users to send text messages, images, documents, user location, audio/video, other media files, etc.
  • Yan can send the bulk of messages to your friends without any charges, and the only requirement is to establish a proper internet connection.
  • Offers benefits of no advertisements on the screen to annoy the user.
  • The app is easy to use and contains an interactive interface.
  • It provides information about who in your contacts are using the WhatsApp application.
  • You can easily share your location, images, and status with your friends.
  • Friends can chat with friends without any money using WhatsApp on internet-enabled devices.
  • Voice call support.
  • Video calling is available.
  • Payment support (latest feature)
  • It allows you to send documents to anyone up to 100Mb like PDF, Slideshows, etc.
  • You can also share Live Locations for 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours.

How to Import Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, there is no solution to move or copy contacts from Excel to Whatsapp because the Excel extension XLS or XLSX is not compatible with Whatsapp. Firstly, you have to convert excel file contacts to VCF or vCard format and then import the VCF into Whatsapp.

  1. Steps to Export Excel Contacts into vCard File Format.
  2. Import vCard into Whatsapp (Either PC or Phone)

How to Convert Excel to VCF or vCard File?

In order to import contacts from Excel to Whatsapp, it is crucial to convert Excel contacts into a VCF file. Follow the steps to-do-so:

  • Start the SysInfo Excel to vCard Converter as an administrator on your PC.
  • excel to vcard converter

  • Browse the Excel button to add the excel sheet(XLS, XLSX) into the software.
  • Here, you have to select the sheet from the dropdown list and click Ok.
  • pick sheet

  • Now, the software shows two options: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.
  • two modes

  1. Standard Mode:- To export all the excel columns data into vCard format.
  2. advanced mode

  3. Advanced Mode:- To enter the number of columns you want to migrate into vCard/VCF Format.
  4. standard mode

  • Click on the Next button for further process.
  • click on next button

  • Add the Excel fields and vCard fields to the map and click Next.
  • add fields

  • Choose the required way to export and the vCard version.
  • pick version

  • Opt for the saving path and click the Convert button to start the conversion of Excel contacts into VCF.
  • click convert

How to Import vCard into Whatsapp?

Once you have converted Excel contacts in the VCF file, you can easily import them into the Whatsapp application on PC or Mobile.

Steps to import VCF File into Whatsapp Application on PC

  1. To use Whatsapp on a desktop, you will have to install “Bluestacks App Player software” on your system.
  2. install tool

  3. After completing the installation steps, open Whatsapp by clicking on it.
  4. open whatsapp

  5. To download and install Whatsapp on your system, you need to add your Google account as per your need(New or Existing).
  6. add google account

  7. When the Google Account gets configured, click on the Whatsapp icon from Bluestacks and redirect to Play Store to install it.
  8. click on whatsapp icon

  9. Here, you have to enter the mobile number to complete the verification steps.
  10. enter mobile number

  11. After that, set up your profile by adding a profile picture and username.
  12. add profile

  13. Then you have to copy Excel contacts converted in VCF format and drag them into a shared folder.
  14. copy excel contacts

  15. Open Whatsapp, go to the Setting option, and opt for the Import/Export option. From the drop-down, choose the Import from Storage option.
  16. choose import from stroage

  17. Now, the importing process gets started. You will find a popup displaying: filename.vcf will be imported shortly.
  18. popup file name

  19. Here, you can also view your imported VCF file contacts on Whatsapp.
  20. view

Steps to Import VCF File into Whatsapp Application on Mobile

  • Firstly, open your Phone Contacts.
  • Choose Import Contacts to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp.
  • choose import contact

  • Browse the location where you want to save the imported contacts.
  • browse location

  • Opt for the VCF file and click OK.
  • click ok

  • After that, all the Excel sheet contacts get listed in your phone contact lists.
  • all excel sheet

  • It is how you can easily access or open VCF files in WhatsApp.


If you are importing contacts from Excel to Whatsapp, try this application for converting your Excel contacts into VCF files. It is competent enough to import Excel contacts into VCF or vCard files in 3 different vCard versions. However, after converting it into VCF, you can move your contacts into Whatsapp using the Import contacts feature.

To Understand This Process In Brief Watch Video

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