Resolved: Import and Export Option in Outlook is Unavailable or Showing Empty

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    August 6th, 2018
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    September 8, 2022
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Article Summary: Today, we will discuss how we can resolve or troubleshoot one of the major errors that many of you face and that is “Import and export option in Outlook is unavailable” or in layman terms: you cannot see both the import & export wizard.

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Outlook has always been one of the most used email clients for its capability of offline usage and various other non-paid features. Even being one of the most advanced offline email application, Outlook has some bugs which are yet not fixed by Microsoft. And thus, users face errors.

And being an expert in Microsoft Outlook, I always try to resolve errors related to Outlook and its counterparts.

In recent months, my email and YouTube channel has been flooded with questions related to one specific error. In this error, your MS Outlook the import and export command is not available.

This error is not limited to any specific version, as I have received emails for almost all of the Outlook versions like Outlook 2007, Outlook 2008, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2016 and so on.

So, I am not penning down this blog for a specific version. And that is why, you may refer this blog for any of the versions of Outlook to rectify ‘Microsoft Outlook import export wizard blank’ error.

However, before stating you the solution, let’s first go through the symptoms and causes.

Symptoms & Causes

So now the question is when does this error occur?

Consider the following scenarios to understand more on this topic:

  • You have installed an English version of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • Or you run a non-English version of MS Outlook in your system like Outlook 3003, 2007 or 2010
  • Or when you try to import or export data in your Outlook

In all these cases, there are chances to see that there is no export and import option in your Outlook or the wizard is blank or empty.

And one of the major reason for its occurrence is the compatibility issue between the current languages of non-Unicode programs of Windows is different than that of the installed version of Outlook.
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Now the question is

How to Resolve the Error: Import and Export Option in Outlook is Unavailable or Not Working
outlook import export wizard blank

For this, first, you have to set the same language for both non-Unicode programs in Windows and your Outlook.

To do this you may follow the below steps:

For Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Go to Start and type Control Panel
  • In Control Panel, go to ClockLanguage and then click Regional
  • Now inside Regional Click Regional and Language
  • Go to the Administrative tab and check whether the Current language for non-Unicode programs is same or not. If it’s different then
  • Go to Current system locale box and choose the locale that matches your Outlook language and click Ok
  • Click OK to select the Regional and Language dialog box

For Windows XP

  • Go to Start and type Control Panel
  • Now go to Date, Time, Language, and Regional
  • Now select Regional and Language Options
  • Go to Advanced tab
  • Now select the locale that matches the installed version of Outlook in the Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use box and click OK

This is one way through which you can easily troubleshoot your import & export wizard is not working error.

Apart from this, there is one more technique through which you can fix this Outlook error but for that, you have to download a software which can repair your Outlook files from scratch.

The good news is that there are scores of tools available online but there is bad news as well & i.e. not every application is trustworthy.

You need to have an application which can easily handle any type of Outlook errors without harming your original files.

One of the software that I can refer you guys is SysInfoTools Outlook PST Repair.

This tool can easily resolve Outlook errors without harming your original emails or files. Plus it runs smoothly on all versions of MS Windows OS and Outlook. The interface seems to be easy and even if you are a non-technical user, you can use this software without any assistance.

However, there is one disadvantage of this software and that is, it doesn’t run on Linux or MAC.

So here were the two techniques through which you can easily fix import and export option in Outlook is Unavailable or not working error.

If you have questions related to this topic kindly mention it in the comment section.

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