Learn How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains

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    August 9th, 2019
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    November 26, 2022
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Summary: Are you facing some issues while transferring data from one Google Drive to another Google drive? Want to learn how to transfer Google docs across domains? If your answer is yes then you have landed on the right page.

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Google offers users to create files in Google docs, Slides, and Sheets or upload the data to Google drive then Google by default set the user as the owner of that particular data. Since the user can migrate data from one Google account to another as long as the user has that registered Google email account. But sometimes when the user tries to transfer the Google docs ownership to another Google drive domain, the following error message showed up:

There are many users that don’t know about the data migration process of one Google account to another Google account with a different domain. So this post will tell you how to do it without any data loss. So let’s get started.

How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains in  two Different Situations

The user(owner) can control whom he wants to only view or edit the Google docs files. However, there can be a number of users who can view or edit a single Google Docs but the owner will be one at a time. Below stated are the two different methods by which users can also transfer Google docs. The two diverse situations of Google docs ownership transfer have been there:

#Scenario 1:  Google Docs Ownership Transfer within Similar Domain

#Scenario 2: Google Docs Ownership Transfer within Different Domain

Let’s discuss the 1st Scenario

This scenario comprises the condition when the user wants to transfer Google Docs ownership to the user of the same domain. This can be done using two different methods:

Transfer Ownership of Single Document(for users) in Google Drive

If the user is the owner then is very easy to change the ownership of single files and folders stored in the Google drive with these simple steps:

  • Open the Google Drive or Docs/Slides/Sheets in the home window of your web browser.
  • Now open the Sharing Box and in Drive option choose file or folder then, hit the Share icon from the top.
  • Input the new email address of the owner in the Invite section box. Click Share & save.
  • Press the Advance button from the bottom-right corner of the sharing box.
  • Now select the Owner option from the drop-down menu and click Done.

Note:- You can use the Google Drive Migrator Tool to Transfer all the drive data to another drive.

Transfer Ownership of All Documents(for admin) in Google Drive

A user at the administrator level can easily transfer the ownership of all documents in the drive from one user to another in the same domain. If any user leaves the domain due to any reason then the administrator can restore the account in five days and transfers the Docs data with ease. Follow the below steps to do so:

  • Sign-in to Google Admin Console.
  • Click Apps >> Google Apps >> Drive.
  • Click on Transfer Ownership.
  • Fill out the Document ownership transfer subdivision.
  • In ‘From field’, input the username of the current owner and in ‘To field’ option enter the username of a new owner and select the user’s domain.
  • Click on Transfer Documents button to implement changes.

The moved Google Docs data will be systematically arranged in a single folder, named after the previous owner email address, within the new owner Drive. The editing advantages are still with the original owner till their email address gets deleted or the edit permissions are canceled.

Talking about the 2nd Scenario

Now, this is totally a different situation when the user needs to transfer Google docs but to different docs domain. So to know how to transfer Google docs across domains, obey below-pointed steps:

  • Login to Google drives with your Google account from where you want to change the ownership of documents.
  • Now successfully migrate all the documents to where you want to transfer from the original Google Apps account to folder within the same drive.
  • Here share the folder with the Google account to an external domain.
  • After that, log in to another Google account and move the folder from ‘Shared with me’ to ‘My Drive’.


  • As the folder is still occupied with original account and the user will be unable to change the ownership from outside of the domain. So the user has to download the Google App Drive Download on your hard drive and login with an external account. 
  • If the G drive is uploaded with the previous account then disconnect it and login with a new account.

If in Case you want to Take the Backup of Gmail Documents then You can try Gmail Backup Tool.

Bottom Line

I hope now normal user can easily understand how to transfer Google docs across domains with the help of this article. Both different scenarios have been discussed with easy steps to achieve the transfer Google docs under the same domain and under a different domain. So, understand the procedure and implement them to get the results. Till then keep reading.

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