How to Repair EDB File using Eseutil & Isinteg

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    April 21st, 2014
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Exchange Database File, also known as EDB file is created by the Microsoft exchange server. EDB file acts as a repository for the user mailbox data saved by Microsoft Exchange Server. Sometimes due to virus attacks or installing corrupted programs in the computer, the EDB file gets corrupted. To Repair EDB file, we recommend using the bellow tools that would recover your precious data.

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Instant Recovery of corrupted EDB files with SysInfo EDB to PST Converter

Repair EDB File using Eseutil

Eseutil is a built-in utility in Exchange Server that helps users repair the corrupted EDB files or Exchange database files. Though it is very useful, however, you will lose some data while using it to restore EDB file (Exchange database). The Eseutil does not repair the corrupted database in actual, in fact, it rebuilds the database and deletes the invalid data which are identified during the rebuild process.

Fix EDB File using Isinteg Utility

Another built-in utility in Exchange Server is Isinteg that helps users perform a search through an offline information store for integrity weaknesses. The issues and errors which are detected by the Isintig, can easily be fixed by using it. To run Isinteg.exe, you need to go to the command prompt.

Before using the Eseutil and Isinteg tools, you need to perform some actions which are given below:

  1. Creating a replica of an exchange database: You need to create a replica of the corrupted database to repair EDB file.  If you are not sure about the location of the database files or the names of the files, you can take help from the Exchange Server Manager. By accessing the database properties from the Exchange Server Manager, you can locate the files. You will be redirected to the database page where you will find a listing of file names and paths.
  2. Dismounting the database from the exchange server:  Before performing the repairing action, make sure the database file you are going to repair is properly dismounted. To check it, open the Exchange Management Console (EMC) on your system and navigate to the Organization Configuration. Click on Mailbox, and then choose the Database Management tab. In this tab, you can see all the databases in your Exchange organization. The database file you are going to repair is also there. Make sure the file is dismounted when you see in the Mounted column. If the file is mounted, simply right-click on the data and select the Dismount Database command.
  3. Confirmation of disk space: This is the last action in which you need to confirm the disk space to perform the repair task. Make sure you have the empty space of at least 20% of the total database size.

How to run Eseutil utility from the command prompt?  

  1. Go to Start > Run or simply press Win+R.
  2. Now in the run box, type “cmd” and press OK.
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory.
  4. Type Eseutil.exe in the command line.

Note: Before using Eseutil utility to repair EDB file, it is highly recommended to take a backup of the EDB or Exchange database files.

If you are really serious about retrieving your data back and restoring EDB file, we recommend you to use a highly optimized tool by SysInfoTools Software. Download the Demo and try to fix EDB files using EDB to PST Recovery tool. Do you know How to Recover Exchange Mailbox From Exchange Server Manually?


You have two options in front of you to repair Exchange Files. If you are having a sound technical knowledge then you can try the manual steps to fix the issues of Exchange database file otherwise the professional tool is the only option left for novice users. It doesn’t require any external technical guidance. The ball is your court and you have to decide which method would be the best for resolving the issue. Converting EDB to PST is also an option for repairing EDB files.

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