How To Export EDB To PST Manually – DIY Guide?

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    June 13th, 2017
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Being a tech writer and an analyst, I always see users trying to convert Exchange EDB file to PST but with failure. That is why today I am writing this article on “How To Export EDB To PST Files”
With this article, my main motive would be to let you know about the manual techniques to convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST, But you may also go with SysInfo EDB to PST Converter Software.

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So let’s get into the basics first:

EDB files are primarily Microsoft Exchange files that are used to store non-SMTP and in-store messages. While Full form of PST is Personal Storage Table. PST Files are used by the Microsoft Outlook email client to store your email and other data for later use.

Why Users Need To Convert Exchange EDB File To PST?

Before understanding How to export EDB to PST files, we have to understand why many of us are looking for a conversion technique to export or convert Exchange EDB file to PST.

As far I know, there are various reasons for EDB to PST conversion

One of the major reasons for conversion is data corruption or inaccessible data. This situation might occur due to virus infection or even a huge database size. So always keep an eye and be prepared.
If you face issues like this, the best way to retrieve your file is to convert Exchange EDB file to PST.

How To Export EDB To PST Without any Software ?

Truth to be told, converting or transferring EDB files to PST is not that easy. You can import Microsoft Exchange EDB files to MS Outlook PST directly but it may harm your files and even can make them unreadable. So there are great chances of losing your data.

So now the biggest question is how to do that or how to export EDB to PST files?

Mostly many internet experts will suggest you go for a third-party tool…and trust me, most of these tools are quite good in recovering corrupt EDB files and in converting exchange EDB to Outlook PST. They are very much effective and take less time in data conversion of Microsoft Exchange files. But the issue that most of the users face is that all these conversion tools are paid.

Every month I receive a bunch of emails mentioning manual techniques to export exchange EDB to Outlook PST. I guess around 60 – 70% of users look for manual techniques as they are free.

That is why today, I will be showing you how to convert Exchange Mailbox to PST file that too manually and free.

Microsoft is the creator of both these applications (Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook) have also created one more tool named ExMerge.exe, which helps users to export exchange EDB to Outlook PST files. It is a great utility tool to handle various types of issues in the Exchange Server Database. The primary function of this utility solution is to transfer the emails stored in Exchange server or EDB files and store them in PST format that is used by MS Outlook.

Features Of ExMerge.exe

ExMerge utility tool is a free utility tool from Microsoft and being a conversion tool that can seamlessly export or convert Exchange EDB file to PST, it has various features that many of the users have no idea about like:

  • This utility tool can be used to export EDB files to PST
  • Not only this, it also helps in importing important and crucial data from MS outlook PST files to MS Exchange server
  • ExMerge can be used for single as well as multiple Exchange server mail boxes
  • Ability to avoid duplication. As this utility tool can help users avoid exporting the same content from Exchange server to MS outlook PST files
  • Ability to do a “Brick Level Backup”

Things To Know Before Using ExMerge To Export Exchange EDB To Outlook PST Files

So finally  ‘How To Export EDB To PST’ will be answered.

Now you know, which tool to use to convert Microsoft Exchange server files but before that there are certain things that you should keep in mind before using this tool

  • Make sure you have all the permissions for the Exchange server mailboxes that you are planning to merge
  • Also make sure, that the system which you will be using or the system where you would be running ExMerge utility tool has both Microsoft Exchange Administrator programs and Microsoft Outlook Client installed.
    Note: Microsoft doesn’t allow installation of Exchange server and MS outlook on the same system. So never try to install Microsoft Outlook in Exchange server

How To Use ExMerge To Convert Exchange EDB File To PST Format?

So let’s look at the step-by-step procedure to merge Exchange Server files to MS Outlook PST files. But before that, you need to install Exmerge.exe in your system. Plus you should also have Exchange server 2003 with all its admin tools and rights. After downloading and installing the utility tool in your system login with admin rights.

Now comes:

Step 01: Launch The software. And as soon as you would launch the software “Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Wizard will open. Click on “Next

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 01

Step 02: In this step, you have to select the procedure that best suits you; if you are looking to export Exchange EDB to Outlook PST files then choose “Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure)” and click “Next”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 02

Step 03: Now select the step that you would like to perform. Out here, if you are looking for conversion then choose “Step 1: Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox” and click “Next”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 03

Step 04: Now here, you have to mention the name of your Microsoft Exchange Server from where you want to extract the files. And fill in other details and click “Next”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 04

Step 05: From the below image choose the server database from where you want to get the data and click on the “Next” button

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 05

Step 06: Now select the mailboxes and Directory Name and click “Next”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 06

Step 07: Browse and select the destination where you want to save the migrated files. And click on “Next”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 07

Step 08: It will take a couple of minutes to convert the Exchange EDB file to PST. As soon as the process is over click “Finish”

convert Exchange EDB file to PST Step 08


Now By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily migrate Exchange EDB to Outlook PST files. It is a simple and easy way of conversion. But if this manual procedure does not work then you must download EDB to PST Converter Software

Hope now you know how to export EDB to PST with the help of the above-mentioned procedure

Thanks 🙂

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