How to Recover Unsaved Excel File Windows?

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    July 21st, 2020
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If you are working with an Excel file in Windows and suddenly you lost your unsaved excel file, then what to do? You can still recover that lost document here is how. Here, in this guide, you will find the solutions for your query “How to Recover Unsaved Excel file Windows?”. After reading this full guide, you will think about it the easiest process ever. So why are you waiting for?. Just go and read the full guide till the end and find the exact solution. 

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Alright, don’t worry, as we’ve gathered some of the most powerful tips for restoring the unsaved Excel files and their earlier versions respectively.

Microsoft offers an AutoRecovery option by default that will tell how to recover MS excel corrupt file that have been saved. But it can not reach their newest edition because of the device or Excel becomes corrupted.

Microsoft Excel does everything it can to save your edits periodically. And if the device quits suddenly (for instance, if your machine fails or the battery runs out), there’s a possibility you’ll be able to get your work back.

Now, check out the possible ways for recovering unsaved Excel files.

Recover Unsaved Excel File in Windows 10 Manually

Here are many tips and tricks of Excel files for solving “how to recover unsaved Excel file Windows” query as follows:

Method 1: Checking Temporary Files

Office stores temporary files as backups, sometimes. Often, these files can be identified and retrieved.

  • The best way to do so is to go directly into Excel. Open the file for which you wish to restore unsaved changes, then open the File tab. Tap Info >> The Manage Workbook.
manage workbook
  • Now, press the resulting Recover Unsaved Workbooks button.
Recover Unsaved Workbooks
  • Excel will open a window in the File Explorer which can involve some unsaved files. When you see any files, just double-click them to open. You may probably have some of the improvements back.
    Notice: You can also hold the Windows + R key to enable the Run window, then type the address below and press Enter:
  • If you opted for File >> Options >> Save option, then you can view the folder location of your AutoRecover files.

Notice: Remember, though, that there are no spreadsheet data in any files with a .XLB extension. 

Method 2: Show Recovered Files of MS Excel

  • First, open the Excel application again, then look at the Recovered heading on the left side. After observing it, press the Show Recovered Files.
Show Recovered Files
  • Then, it will open a new spreadsheet with the Document Recovery panel.
Document Recovery panel
  • Now, pick any file shown in the panel to view Excel’s most recent save. It’s not always going to be absolutely up-to-date, but there’s a possibility it will save you some time in getting everything back.

Notice: In any case, if you forget to press Show Recovered Files and open a new workbook, you will still see the Data Recovery panel.
Read here If you want to recover password protected Excel files.

Method 3: Using AutoRecover Option From Data Loss Prevention

As we all know that data loss is unavoidable. But if you’re ready, you can keep the process less difficult. We advise you to change your AutoRecover settings so Excel saves a copy in every 5 minutes. 

  1. By default is 10 minutes, but you can change that quickly.
  2. For this, just visit the File >>Options >>Save, then pick 5 minutes option for AutoRecover interval.
  3. Every 5 minutes, Excel will save a copy of your spreadsheet. It might not sound like a major 10-minute change but it could save you a lot of time.
  4. But of course, we suggest that you save your changes regularly. To overwrite your previous version of your text, just hit Ctrl + S.

Method 4: Using Backups on OneDrive

If you transfer your files to OneDrive, you’ll have yet another security layer against missing backups.

  1. To see a list of updates, right-click on any file in OneDrive and pick Version History.
  2. Well, this works only depends on how much you save your data, and why you lost it. When you save your Excel files into OneDrive, and your hard drive fails, but your information will still be available.

While performing all the manual procedures, you may face corruption issues with your Excel files. If excel files get corrupted then it becomes another big problem as well. So, you can use a fast solution for its recovery. We will suggest you to use Excel File Recovery Tool to recover all the corrupted excel documents quickly. This utility works very fast and is a 100% secure tool.  It doesn’t permit changes in the original content of files. Therefore, it is often chosen by every novice user because of its easy to use GUI. 


 Here many methods for solving “how to recover unsaved Excel file Windows” query are discussed. You can choose any of the above solutions as per your need. I Hope, this guide will help you in fixing all the Excel files related issues. 

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