How to Recover and Restore Lost Data from Excel File

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    July 24th, 2019
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    February 25, 2021
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Excel files are mainly used for calculations and preparing charts in a presentable form so that it becomes easy for the viewer to understand the numbers easily. But sometimes due to corruption and virus intrusion, the excel files gets corrupted and the data went missing. So in this article, I would be telling you some methods through which you can recover lost data from excel file.

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Before moving on the methods you must know the reasons for this problem

Reasons for Excel File Corruption

  • Forced System Shutdown even when the files was not successfully saved.
  • Virus Attacks on the computer system.
  • Deleting Supporting files of MS Excel.
  • Excel File exceeds the storage limit.
  • The folder is corrupted in which the excel file is kept.
  • Hard Disk has been Crashed

I have only mentioned major reasons responsible for damaging the excel files but there are hundreds of other reasons as well.

Let’s not waste time and directly move to the topic as it is a hot potato these days.

Techniques to Recover Lost Data from Excel Files

Recover Lost Data from MS Excel Files

Here are some easy methods to fix corruption issues related to Excel files.

Open and Repair Option

  • Go to the File Tab and then Click on Open.
  • Choose the Excel file whose data lost and then click on the downward arrow in the open button.
  •  From the Dropdown list click on Open and Repair.
Recover Excel File
  • Click on Repair button to repair the excel file.
Repair Excel File
  • Click on Extract Button to extract all the data and then save it as a new Excel file.
Extract Data from Excel File

Now, you can view all the data of an Excel file without missing any of them. If this trick doesn’t work then you can try the next method.

Retrieve Data from Open Workbook

  • Go to the File tab and then click on Open.
  • Choose the last save Excel file from the location.
  • Click on Yes and then open that excel file.

You’ll get the modification up to that date when you have saved the file.

Set Calculation Method as Manual

  • Open a New Workbook.
  • Click on File Tab and select Options.
  • Go to Formula and change the calculation settings from Automatic to Manual.
Change Calculation option

Restore Only Data

  • Click on the File Tab and then Select Open.
  • Go to the folder where you have stored the excel file.
  • Right Click on the file and then on Copy.
  • Now, open a New Workbook.
  • In the A1 Cell type !A1 and then hit Enter.
  • If the updates values dialogue box appears to select the corrupt workbook.
  • Select A1 Cell and click on Home and then on Copy.
  • Starting from cell A1 select the area on the sheet as it was in the corrupt excel file.
  • Click on Home tab and then on Paste.
  • Again, go to the Home tab and then click on Copy.
  • Now in Home Tab Click on the arrow appears under Paste and then Select Values.
Paste Content of Corrupt XLSX File

Once you paste all the data, you have removed all the links to the corrupt workbook and left with only the contents. This method will definitely help you to recover lost data from excel file without losing any information.

Using an Automated Tool

If the above techniques are obsolete for you then you can try Excel Repair Tool to fix the corruption issues and find the missing data in the excel file. This software will repair the Excel file and restores all the contents in an accessible form.


Well, it is difficult to catch between two stools but I would suggest you go with the professional technique as it gives the guarantee of Excel file recovery. Sometimes the manual tricks fail makes the whole excel file corrupted. So the ball is in your court and it totally depends on you what choice you make. I hope I have given you multiple choices to recover lost data from excel files.

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