Resolve Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch In Excel

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    August 29th, 2019
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Facing error with Excel application that you use in your day to day routine, whether regularly or seldom; at home or in the workplace, is unquestionably an undesired circumstance. The problem increases when the error that you have found, is remote or for the first time. Both MS Excel XLS and XLSX files become unreliable or corrupt at times and may return different errors including Microsoft visual basic runtime error 13 type mismatch in excel.

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Other than Excel runtime 1004, 32809, 57121 error; Excel Runtime Error 13 also affects MS Excel or its XLS/XLSX files. If you have no idea to resolve the error as fast as possible, it is obvious you to get baffled. This technical post is a purpose to assist you to resolve the runtime error 13. So know the error: its causes and fixes here.

Introduction to MS Excel Runtime Error 13

The Excel runtime file error 13 is a type of mismatch error in MS Excel. Normally, it arises when one or more files or methods are needed to begin a program that operates the Visual Basic (VB) environment by default. This means the error occurs when Excel users try to run VBA code including data types that are not met in the correct manner. Consequently, ‘runtime error 13: type mismatch Excel’ appears in Microsoft Excel.

What causes runtime error 13 type mismatch in excel?

Following are the reason for runtime error 13 in excel:

  • Flawed or unfinished installation of MS Excel application in the system.
  • The clash between the Excel application program and Win operating system.
  • When the user clicks a missing menu function or a macro from an Excel file.
  • A faulty code infection or virus/malware attack makes excel files prone to corruption.
  • Collide with other programs while launching a VBA Excel file.

Techniques to Resolve MS Excel runtime error 13 Type Mismatch Excel

#Technique 1: Using Open and Repair Utility

The MS Excel automatically provides ‘File Recovery’ mode when it detects a corrupted workbook or worksheet. It does this to fix the damaged Excel files. But sometimes  Excel does not give the ‘File Recovery’ mode automatically. This is the time when you can use ‘Open and Repair’, an inbuilt utility in Excel to restore damaged Excel files. Use this technique to fix Microsoft visual basic runtime error 13 type mismatch in Excel:

  • Open Excel application.
  • Navigate to the File menu and click on the Open button.
  • Choose the ‘Excel’ file.
  • Click the ‘Open’ dropdown list.
  • ­Click the ‘Open and Repair’ button.
  • Click the ‘Repair’ button to recover maximum possible data Or Click the ‘Extract Data’ tab to secure values and formulae.

#Technique 2:  Uninstall the ‘error causing excel’

It is observed that unusual applications programs and software cause runtime error. Uninstall those applications or software to fix the Excel file runtime error. To do so, the actions are:

  • Go to ‘Task Manager’ and stop the error causing programs one by one.
  • Click the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Click ‘Control Panel’ button.
  • Select ‘Add or Remove Program’ in Control Panel.
  • All the installed programs on the PC are enlisted.
  • Select MS Excel and click ‘Uninstall’ to remove it from the PC.

#Technique 3: Repair Windows Registry

  • Navigate to Windows Registry on your PC.
  • In Windows registry editor open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_Software.
  • Click on Software and select Microsoft >> Windows then, select Current version >> Run.
  • Now, choose the error file and Delete it.
  • After here, reboot your system.

#Technique 4: Use SysInfoTools Excel Repair Software

An expert Excel file repair software by SysInfoTools that strongly repairs infected Excel XLS and XLSX files without any trouble. Recover all-important Excel file components: table, chart, chart sheet, formula, cell comment, image, sort, filter, etc. without data loss or change in the structure or data alteration of the files. With a user-friendly and habitual interface having quickly accessible tabs, buttons, and menus, the Excel file repair process is easy and saves time.

Final Verdict

This blog explains Microsoft visual basic runtime error 13 type mismatch in Excel in detail. Now you can fix Excel runtime error by using any of the above-discussed techniques. If you want to learn How to Recover Unsaved Excel File Windows then read here. I hope you like the post. Thanks

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