How to Protect Your Yahoo Mail Account- Comprehensive Guide

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    September 21st, 2019
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    February 22, 2021
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If you are a user of Yahoo mail account and want to protect your account from online threats such as hackers who stole your crucial information like email addresses, passwords, dates of birth, etc. In such a situation Yahoo is completely unable to protect data of their customer. It took a long time for Yahoo to understand that their security system is not trustworthy. If you get an email and it says your Yahoo mail account may have been hacked, click on this link, it may initially cause of your problem. Now keeping these things in mind in this blog I will share some tricks. We will know how to protect your yahoo mail account from security threats and hackers, follow to the end.

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Some Best Tips to Protect Your Yahoo Mail Account

Click on Any Links or Images Very Safely

There come many fraud and fake emails and ask for the credentials which are also known as Phishing emails. So when you received any illegitimate emails which are asking for personal details then never trust on those emails. In fact, any attachments of images don’t click on it without cross-checking the URLs that consist of an email before opening it.

Don’t Do Confidential Transaction On Shared Computer

When you are using public systems then in the on-demand feature you will get a code on your mobile to log in, then never select keep me signed in option during the login process. because if you select that option, a cookie will create in the browser that keeps logged in even after closing the browser. Whereas you should use safe browsing (incognito mode) during the confidential transactions and shares.

Change Your Yahoo Account Password

Never use too easy passwords for Yahoo mail accounts. Change it on any doubt situation and during the setting of password use upper-lower case letters, special characters and numeric values. Change your password frequently and never use the same password for multiple accounts.

Check the Security Settings

In the Operating Systems, there is the inbuilt functionality of a firewall and also anti-virus to protect the system from unauthorized access. Enable all the required security features and always keep up-to-date it.

Continue to Keep Data Backup

Backup is the most important thing on a regular basis because it keeps a copy of your emails and other important data. User can take backups on their system storage, hard drive or in the cloud storage. But there is no option in Yahoo to take the backup of emails directly. That’s why you can choose an automated utility such as SysInfo Yahoo Backup Tool. It saves Yahoo Emails into PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX Formats on Windows & Mac OS and it has more other features to take backup easily.


I have discussed how to protect your yahoo mail account in detail. I hope the user knows how important security is and how to keep yahoo mail account secure. Now use the above methods to keep secure your Yahoo mail account and its emails.

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