How to Print Password Protected PDF Files in Windows

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    August 28th, 2019
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    February 23, 2021
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PDF is a Portable Document Format which commonly used by college students for drafting a resume or in offices for maintaining documents. Many users prefer using PDF file format over other file formats as it is universally accessible in all operating systems. If often happens that the user’s PDF file doesn’t print due to restriction issues and many users are frustrated with this problem. Therefore, in this article, I’ll reveal some techniques to print password-protected PDF files in Windows.

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Before sharing the Unlocking printing option methods I would like to throw some lights on the meaning and features of PDF file.

What is a PDF File?

The PDF abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format which is a file format used for storing data and also documents on a Computer. This file format is a product of Adobe which was created in 1993 for better user experience for sharing the files across the world. The users’ stores their text, images, and hyperlinks in the PDF file and all the contents also remains the same when opened on different computer systems. All the text looks same on the computer screen and as well as when they are printed.

Features of PDF Files

There are many reasons for using a PDF file format. I’ll share some of the main reasons for the preference of PDF files.

  • It is small in size in comparison with other file formats.
  • All the data is stored in the PDF files without formatting or error.
  • PDF documents are easily sharable from one computer to another.
  • Users can protect their PDF files by setting up the password.
  • The applied password protects the PDF files from unauthorized access.
  • These files can be shared easily via emails.
  • Linux, Mac, and Windows conveniently support the PDF file format.

Technique to Print Password Protected PDF Files

A print option is only disabled when the PDF file is protected with a password. Therefore you have to remove all the security from the PDF files in order to access it easily. You can try the manual methods for removing the security but those methods will not remove the print security. So you have to try a professional tool for removing the print security.

PDF Security Remover

This is a top-notch software by SysInfoTool, helps to remove any kind of restrictions from the PDF file and it will also help you to remove passwords and print restrictions from the PDF file. If the PDF file is set up with an Owner and user password then this software would be the best option to deal with such kind of problem. Let’s see some of its extraordinary features.

  • Removes all kinds of Password from the PDF files.
  • Allows the user to Print Secured PDF Files.
  • Removes PDF Passwords in bulk.
  • Decrypts an encrypted PDF Document.
  • Supports all PDF files created by any version of Adobe Acrobat.

Steps to Enable Print option in PDF Files

  • Open PDF Restriction Remover Software and Add PDF files into it.
  • You can also add Multiple PDF files for removing print restrictions.
  • The Software will show you all the Meta Description of the PDF file.
  • Then Click on Unprotect PDF button to remove the password.
  • Once you remove all the restriction, you’ll get a confirmation message.

Now, try to print the PDF file and I hope will be able to execute the whole task. Finally, you will be able to print password-protected PDF files in Windows. If you want to Remove Password From PDF Without Software then read.


Well, now you can easily print a secured PDF document with the help of this software and it will also help you in removing all the security from the PDF file and print the texts in a readable form. Once the PDF file is unlocked, you can print it easily. Now you have realized that without removing a restriction you can’t print a PDF document and the print option will always appear disabled. I hope this blog helped you.

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