How To Backup Zoho mails To External Hard Drive?

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    April 23rd, 2021
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Summary:- If you are a user who is looking for the best possible methods to Backup Zoho emails into a hard drive, Then Stay connected. In the below section of this blog, you will definitely get a complete solution to fulfil your search intent. And get a solution on how to backup Zoho emails into a hard drive

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As we know, Zoho Mail is a CRM-based email client used to build relationships between customers. It also provides solutions for the queries users face while accessing their accounts. Zoho Mail is a safe and reliable email solution for users and organizations to communicate between them. Enhanced with features, it’s not just an inbox, it is more than that. It provides users with different features like a privacy guarantee,24*7 support, Hassle-free migration, Filters, advanced search, Out of office, signatures, and many more.

What are the Reasons to Backup Zoho Mail Emails to HDD?

Now, before moving to the best possible methods to backup emails from Zoho Mail. Let’s concentrate on some actual reasons to backup Zoho Mail emails into the computer. Sometimes while accessing Zoho Mail, working with the Zoho mailbox, and at the time of downloading emails, users faced errors so here, we learn the different solutions to backup Zoho emails into an external hard drive. Once after getting cleared out the causes are, then we can apply manual as well as professional solutions that will tell users how to backup Zoho mails to a computer.

  1. Avoid accidental deletion of Zoho mailbox emails.
  2. Free up the storage space from Zoho Mail.
  3. Prevent mailbox emails from hackers or virus attacks.
  4. To access the Zohi Mail emails in offline mode.
  5. Switch from Zoho to any other email client.
  6. Protect Zoho account emails from spam filters.
  7. To avoid physical damage to the system and because of this, there might be chances of data loss.

These are different possible reasons that insist on backup Zoho emails into a hard drive. So, let’s move to know the best simple methods to backup mailbox emails from Zoho Mail.

How to Backup Zoho Mails To External Hard Drive Safely?

To back up the Zoho mailbox emails without losing any data, you can go for any workarounds/method to save the mailbox emails from Zoho Mail. Both solutions are suitable to backup emails from Zoho Mail. You can opt for any of the methods of your choice. 

Method 1: Backup Zoho Emails Into a Hard drive Using Export/Import Feature

Zoho Mail contains Export/import features using which we can easily save the emails to the local hard drive. By applying this feature, you can export any number of emails to the computer with great ease. Moreover, there is also a feature to save archived emails using date filtering capability.
Follow the below steps carefully to backup emails from Zoho Mail into the external hard drive:

    • Firstly, Launch the Zoho Mail on your System and Sign In with essential credentials.
    • Now, from the Mail Folder, go to the View Archived button and click on it.

view archived button

    • Check the Select All Checkbox option and tap on the Unarchived option.

tab unarchived

    • Here, click on the Setting Icon switched at the top-right section of the wizard.

tab on setting

    • A new Setting section wizard opens on your screen, where multiple options are available.
    • Now, scroll the page and opt for the Import/Export Email section.
    • Then click on the Export History button to backup Zoho emails into a hard drive.

click export history

    • A new window of Import/Export opens on the screen. Here, you have to go to the Export section and click on the Select Folder.
    • Now in the drop-down menu Select Folder, choose the archived Zoho emails folders like Inbox, Sent, Trash, Junk, and Customized.

choos earchived Zoho emails folders

    • Then click on the Export Date button another drop-down menu opens on the window, where you have to select Export all emails in the folder.

export date option

    • Now, Check all the Include subfolders options and press the Export button to begin the backup process in Zoho Mail.

click export

    • Here, Zoho Mail sends you an email that the backup process is completed. And, the emails containing a zip file link in which your backup Zoho emails are stored.
    • At first, open the email and press the Show Zip links. Furthermore, this link is valid for the Next 30 days only.

show Zip file link

    • Finally, click on the Zip file link. It will automatically start the downloading process of Zoho Mail emails into your hard drive.

zip file link

The zip file(EML Format) that is downloaded contains all the emails present in the selected folders. Moreover, you can access this EMl file in different applications like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Zoho Mail, etc.

Method 2: Backup Zoho Mails to External Hard drive Using a Third-Party Tool

SysInfo Zoho Backup Tool is a secure and efficient utility to backup Zoho Mailbox emails into the hard drive, computer, or PC. Using this tool, users have the option to save and migrate Zoho Mail emails to Office 365 and different file formats like PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, OST, CSV, MBOX, HTML, MHTML, Doc, DOCx, TIFF, JSON, PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. It is well designed with a highly advanced algorithm to provide users an interactive and initiative GUI and 100 %accuracy during data conversion. The Software is also capable of importing Zoho Mail emails to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Opera Mail, Yandex Mail, Amazon Webmail, iCloud, HostGator, AOL, and other email clients.

Working of the Software to Backup Zoho Mail Emails

  • Download and Install Sysinfo Zoho Backup Tool.
  • Then launch the software as an administrator on your PC.
  • Sign In to the tool with the required credentials(Zoho Id and Third-Party Aap Password).
  • Now, check the mailbox folders, you want to backup and click Next.
  • In the new Wizard, select the file format from the Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
  • You can also opt for the different inbuilt features as per your requirements.
  • Now, click on the Path To Save button to select the destination for a new backup folder.
  • Then tap on the Convert button to start the backup of Zoho Mail emails on chosen file formats.
  • Here, you can also save the report of the conversion process by clicking on the Download Report button.


Zoho Mail is a CRM-based email client used to build relationships between customers. It also provides solutions for the queries users face while accessing Zoho Mail. But sometimes, due to some reasons that we read above in the article, we need to backup Zoho emails into a hard drive. Thus, we look at the manual and professional methods by which you can learn how to back up Zoho Mails emails into the external hard drive.

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