Hard Disk not Detected – Perform Undetected Hard Disk Recovery

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    April 20th, 2018
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Have you ever faced a situation where the computer system fails to detect the external hard disk? This is one of the most common issues faced by many computer users in their day-to-day lives. Being a mechanical device, an external hard disk is also prone to severe issues just like a normal hard disk. It may become corrupt or damaged at any time due to any reason. You’re lucky enough if you haven’t faced any such problem. But this doesn’t mean you’ll never come across it. Maybe you can face this unexpected situation sooner or later. In this article, you’ll learn about this problem in detail. Also, I’ll show you how to fix the problem “hard disk not detected”.

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Generally, we use an external hard disk to store the backup of our computer data. But sometimes it’s hard to rely on the hard disk. Since it’s prone to severe issues, you may lose your crucial data permanently. Thus, it’s strongly suggested to keep multiple copies of our data on multiple storage devices at different locations. So if one fails, another one can help you.

disk is not formatted

Hard Disk Not Detected

Sometimes it may happen that we plug the hard disk into the computer system, but it fails to be detected. And at the same time, we encounter an error message saying, “disk is not detected”. This is really very frustrating for anyone. You should try to find out the reason that has caused this error. It may play a crucial role in resolving the problem. Below are the most common reasons:

Overused Hard Disk Drive: An external hard disk can fail if it’s being overused. The more heavily you use a hard disk, the greater the chances are that it’ll fail. Disk thrashing is the main reason behind hard disk overuse, and it may result in physical failure.

Sudden Power Failure: If the computer suddenly turns off while the external hard disk is connected, the chances are high that it’ll fail. This action may corrupt almost all the files, especially they’re being transferred. The primary reason behind sudden system shutdown is the power failure.

Virus Attack: It’s one of the most common reasons behind both physical and logical failures. A computer virus or malware (malicious software) can infect the files as well as the hard disk drive. An external hard disk is also prone to virus infection.

Physical Crash: Mishandling the hard disk or dropping it to the floor will surely result in the physical crash. An external hard disk can easily be broken. Electrostatic discharge is another common issue that takes place in the winter time.

Overheating: Unlike internal hard disk which gets proper cooling via case fans, the external hard disk may suffer from overheating issues. If you’re heavily using the hard disk, especially in the summer, it may heat up to 50 °C or sometimes even more than that.

What are the common symptoms?

Due to any of these reasons, a computer system may fail to detect the external hard disk. In such a situation, you might notice that nothing is happening. There’s no sound and nothing like Auto-Play pop-ups. Even when you look in the Device Manager, you don’t see the hard disk. Or sometimes you may receive an error message saying, “disk is not formatted”.

Few DIY tricks you should try

How would you deal with such situation? Formatting the hard disk is likely to be the best solution for you. But before you can actually go for it, you must try few things which may help you resolve this problem of “hard disk not detected”.

  • Maybe there’s an issue with the USB port. So you should try to plug the hard disk into another USB port. If this works for you, this means the problem is in the USB port. But if the problem still persists, you should try the next trick.
  • It may happen that your computer has some issues so it fails to detect the hard disk. So it’s better to connect the hard disk to another computer.

Note: Although there’s no guarantee that the above tricks will surely resolve the problem, there’s no harm in trying them.

recover data from formatted hard disk

Undetected Hard Disk Recovery

If nothing works for you, you’re left with only one option, format the hard disk. Doing this will surely erase all your data from the hard disk. But don’t panic. You can restore your data from the formatted hard disk. But you need to make sure the hard disk is not overwritten by the new data. SysInfoTools Windows Data Recovery software is the best solution to recover data from formatted hard disk. Additionally, it’s highly capable to recover office documents, emails, images, audios, videos, and much more.

Once you download the software, install it. Then connect the external hard disk to the computer on which you’ll run the Windows Data Recovery software. Now follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: Launch Windows Data Recovery software on your system.

windows data recovery

Now select the disk from which you want to recover the data. Click Next to continue the process.

Step 2: Here you need to select the recovery mode, either StandardAdvanced, or Deep.

windows data recovery

Note: If you select the advanced recovery mode, you need to enter the maximum file systems you want to find.

Click the Next button to continue the process.

Step 3: Within a few seconds, the scanning will be completed. Click OK.

windows data recovery

Expand the folders in the tree-structure to check the preview of your data which you can actually recover from the hard disk.

Step 4: Now select the files and folders which you want to save.

windows data recovery

Click the Save button.

Step 5: Define a location where you want to save the recovered data.

windows data recovery

Click OK to start the saving process.

Step 6: Within a couple of minutes, the saving process will be completed.

windows data recovery

Click OK and close the software application.


The Windows Data Recovery software is one of the best solutions to fix the problem of “hard disk not detected”. It’s available with the demo version for a free evaluation. So before you can purchase the software, you must download the free demo version. By using the demo version, you can check the preview of your data which you can actually recover from the hard disk. Do you know Why Windows Data Recovery Becomes Necessity

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