Google Drive Files Not Showing Up on Desktop – Fixed

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    May 22nd, 2023
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Summary:-I recently uploaded my presentation to Google Drive to access it for my meeting. But as soon as I begin to open my Google Drive during a meeting. Look what happened to me; I was unable to locate the file that I had added. Please advise me as to what is wrong with me, why my Google Drive files not showing up, and how I might be able to resolve this issue.

No need to be concerned; to the best of my knowledge, your data should be secure. I will assist you in demonstrating how you can fix the Google Drive shared files not showing up with both a manual approach and the automated Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator Tool. Let’s proceed with the methods to resolve the issue.

Methods to Fix Google Drive Files Not Showing Up

You can check your documents in Google Drive in a variety of ways. Any of these are choices that you can make based on your needs.

Method 1: Check Out Documents in Google Drive’s Bin

Our data can occasionally be accidentally deleted. In this case, we are not able to view our data. It is better to check our Google Bin by following the below steps.

  • Access your Google Drive.
  • Go to the Bin option, which is on the left side of the menu.
  • Check whether the document you are looking for is present there or not.
  • If it is there, right-click on it, and select the Restore option.

This method could be viable only when your data is not older than 30 days.

Method 2: Fix Google Drive files not showing up Using Advanced Search

When we have a lot of files, searching for a specific one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can use the advanced search option in this situation by following the below steps.

  • Go to Google Drive by entering your credentials.
  • Proceed to the Advanced Search menu, then a new screen wizard opens.
  • Here select your document type under the Type menu.
  • Choose the ownership option.
  • Include the word in your document type.
  • Then select the location in your Google Drive accordingly.
  • At last, click the Search button.

Check whether your Google Drive files are not showing up on desktop issue resolved or not. If the above method is not to the previous avail, then take the next workaround and look your data into your Google Drive.

Method 3: Clear Cookies and Cache Memory

Sometimes, we begin browsing data, which causes the cache memory to become fully utilized. In this case, we can clear these memories and get rid of the shared files not showing up in Google Drive by following the steps below.

  • Open your Google Drive or Google Browser.
  • Left-click on the three dots present at the right top, and click the Settings button.
  • Select the History > History option from the choices.
  • Here select the Clear browsing data option.
  • Following manage the Time Range option as per requirement, and hit the Clear data button.

In this way, your bulky memory will release and allow you to check the file that you are looking for. If you’re still having problems, try the next option.

Method 4: Compress the Files

Often, we save our bulky files in storage, resulting in our Drive becoming heavy and Google Drive files not showing up. In this situation, you can shrink your files by applying the following compression techniques.

  • Select the large file and save it to your desktop.
  • There, right-click on that file and select the Add to Archive option.
  • After that assign a name to your zip file and manage the other features accordingly.
  • Lastly, click the OK button. In this way, you can reduce the size of your bulky data.
  • Once you created the zip file, import that data to your drive.
  • Delete the original file from the drive.
  • Then go to the New button, and select the File Upload option.
  • Select the zip file you created earlier.

In this way, you can reduce your bulky files. After that, check to see if the problem with Google Drive files not showing up has been resolved. If the issue is still troubling you, try the next method as a solution.

Method 5: Verify Your Google Drive is Updated

We may occasionally be using an outdated version of Google Drive, which may prevent you from accessing the file you’re looking for. In this case, follow the below steps.

  • Enter the Google Play Store and sign in using the same account information you use to access your Google Drive.
  • Here, search Google Drive, and check whether you are using the updated version of Google Drive.
  • If not, click the Update button, and your Google Drive will update.

If you are still not able to fix the Google Drive files not showing up issue. Then choose the automated solution.

Google Drive files not showing up With Advanced Approach

We have observed that the aforementioned solutions do not provide you with a satisfactory look at your Google Drive data. Because they take a long time to complete and require technical knowledge. Comparatively, a professional Google Drive Migrator is simple to use and can transfer all of your important Google Drive files to One Drive, a hard drive, or another Google Drive. Additionally, this utility is very effective at transferring all other types of files from one Google Drive to another, OneDrive, and local machines, including PDFs, Docs, Audio, Videos, Photos, and Excel Sheets. You can Backup  Google Drive to External Hard Drive as well with the help of this software. You can take the following steps to run this advanced tool.

Steps to Migrate Google Drive Data to One Drive, Local Machine or Another G-Drive

  • Download and install the Google Drive Migrator Tool.
  • Choose the Google Drive account from which you want to export data.
  • Select the files or folders you want to migrate.
  • Apply the other advanced features as per your requirements.
  • Decide the destination for the Google Drive data.
  • At last, click the OK button, and your selected Google Drive data will start to migrate to your chosen language.


This write-up briefly explains how to fix the Google Drive files not showing up issue. Whereas manual methods have some limitations and occasionally do not produce the desired results. A professional tool, on the other hand, enables you to save your Google Drive data to One Drive, another Google Drive, or locally as desired with supportive customer support.

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