Backup Files from Google Drive to External Hard Drive

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    May 17th, 2023
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Summary:- Google Drive is a cloud storage where many users store their crucial data. But you must be aware of the fact that Google only provides a free space of 15 GBs and if you want to expand the storage space, you will have to spend some bucks. So, a preferable way to get free space on your G Drive is to backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive because hard drives usually have a lot of space. You can explore various methods to move all G Drive data to n external hard drive either by some manual approaches or using the Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator.

Quick Methods to Backup Data from Google Drive to Hard Drive

If you have an external hard drive then you will first have to connect it to your Laptop or PC and then move your Google Drive Data. You can open Google Drive on any Web Browser to log in, download the Google Drive Desktop App, or make use of Google Takeout to have your G Drive Backup. The easiest way to backup G Drive is through the Google Drive Migrator.

So, we would be covering all the possible methods that help you to download all items from your G Drive to an External Hard Drive.

Download Items through Google Takeout

Google Takeout help users to download Google Drive Data, Google Photos, and other items on local drives. So, you can implement the following steps to save Google Drive to External Hard Drive.

  • Open Google Takeoutand tick the tick Drive only option
  • Then at the bottom of the page click on the Next Step button.
  • Select the type of File, Frequency and Destination as per your needs.
  • Then click on the Create Export tab.
  • Now you will receive an email from Google Takeout on your Gmail that will offer a hyperlink to backup the Google Drive Files.
  • Then click on the Download your Files button.
  • Now the Google Drive Data will get imported through Google Takeout.
  • You will have to unzip the files/folders and drag and drop them to take the backup to the external hard drive.

This method is suitable in the cases:-

  • You don’t want to download files shared with Google Takeout.
  • You want to download only 2-3 archives per day or up to 50 GB per day.

Save Items from G Drive Web

You can even backup Google Drive to external hard drive by opening your drive in any browser. Here are the simple steps that would help you to take the backup of your Google Drive Data.

  • Open Google Drive in any browser and Login.
  • Go to the files/folders you want to backup to the hard drive and make right-click on it.
  • Then click on the Download option.
  • You can even select the files and folders on Google Drive using CTRL or SHIFT key as you select on the laptop’s folders and drives.
  • Once you have downloaded all the Google Drive Items, it goes to the Downloads folder on your PC or the default location set on your browser.
  • Finally, you will have to connect your Hard Drive to the PC or Laptop and move all the downloaded Google Drive data to the drive using Drag and Drop.
  • Make sure you have a consistent internet connection to backup Google Drive Data from the web to external drive.

Backup Data from Google Drive App

Some G Drive users have the G Drive App on their laptops or PCs so you can make use of this app and back up all items from Google Drive to Hard Drive. Here is the procedure that you have to implement for the Google Drive Backup.

If you have the Google Drive App then there will be a Google Drive disk too. So the files in Google Drive are stored on this disk. You will have to open the disk>choose Google Drive Files>drag and drop them to external hard drive.

In a few steps, you can backup Google Drive to external hard drive.

Use Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator

The last attempt you can give to save Google Drive to a Hard drive is through Automated Software. You can make use of the Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator that helps to backup TBs of data on hard drives. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to move the whole G Drive Data.

Steps to Backup Google Drive to External Drive Quickly

  • Launch Sysinfo G Drive Migrator and Authenticate the Gmail Login or the G Drive Login.
  • Then mark the items that you want to backup and you can even enter file extensions to backup only the files with that extension.
  • Then in the Destination choose the Local Drive option.
  • Now choose the Path to save and make sure you provide your External Hard Drive’s path.
  • Finally, click on the Next button and all your G Drive data will be backed up to the external hard drive.


So, you have enough methods to backup Google Drive to External hard drive but make sure you choose the method according to the data size. If you have a few files to be backed up from Google Drive then you can use Google Drive Web, Google Drive App, or Google Takeout. But for GBs and TBs of G Drive backup to hard drive, we recommend the Automated Tool because it will be time-saving and quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I backup my google drive to an external hard drive?

Ans – You can use the Sysinfo Google Drive Migration Tool to backup G Drive Data. Just Launch the Software>Authenticate G Drive Login>Select Files and Folders>Choose Destination to Local Drive> Backup Google Drive Data to the External Drive.

Q. Is it safe to use the Google Drive Migrator for Backup?

Ans – Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the Google Drive Migator for backing up the G Drive data because it highly supports all versions of Windows and performs migration without any data loss.

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