Fixed SQLite Error Message – File is Encrypted or is not a Database

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    August 30th, 2018
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    November 12, 2022
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Summary: This blog is summarized about the methods to resolve  SQLite encryption error. Sometimes, we face a lot of errors during the operation of the SQLite database. But the SQLite encryption error is very common and the message shows like this:
“Fixed SQLite Error – file is encrypted or is not a database”

So, if you reluctantly getting this error and looking forward to a genuine solution to fix this encryption error then, you are in the right place to resolve this error. This is the most common error SQLite users face. Now, before going for the solution let’s have a look at a brief description of the SQLite database.

Introduction to SQLite

SQLite is a lighter version of the SQL database and widely deployed database in the world of application. It is different from the other SQL databases like it does not require a separate server process. And it directly performs reads and writes operations to ordinary disk files. In a single file, a whole SQL database is included containing multiple tables, indices, triggers, and views. The codes of SQLite are in the public domain by which it is widely used in personal and professional work.

Now here I am going to mention some more features, which makes it exclusive from other database engines.

Features of SQLite Database

  1. It does not require a separate server process, not like other SQL databases.
  2. The SQLite has a feature to directly read and write to ordinary disk files.
  3. This Database has ways to create, delete, execute SQL commands, and perform other common database management operations.
  4. Mostly the SQLite source code is meant for testing and verification.
  5. The SQLite is embedded in the end program. Its database engine is not a client-server.

Causes of SQLite File is Encrypted or is Not a Database Error

The two major reasons are responsible for the situation when the SQLite file is encrypted or is not a Database. These reasons are as follows:

  1. Maybe the data file is not password protected.
  2. SQLite is a sequential database which consists of a minimum of one table and one record. So error occurs when you have created a file as a new file in which it is out of the table.

Troubleshooting this SQLite Encryption Error Manually

  1. Install the SQLite3 Database:
    >> sudo apt-get update
    >> sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
  2. Under the install documentation there is an error there when determining database file in etc/turnserver.conf:
    should be changed to:
    In case of need of the main parts of turnuserdb.conf:
    # you can listen ports 80 and 443 instead of 3478/5349
    # lt-cred-mech
    # userdb=/etc/turnuserdb.conf OAuth
    user=youruser: your password# use real-valid certificate/privatekey files
    # cert=/etc/ssl/certificate.pem
    # pkey=/etc/ssl/private.keyno-stdout-log

Automated Method

As we all can see the manual way is very complex and need deep knowledge to perform these steps. Hence, It is advisable to try a third-party tool like SysInfoTools SQLite Repair software to get rid of these complex errors in very easy steps. The software is inbuilt with a result-oriented algorithm that performs SQLite database recovery perfectly.


In the above section, we have discussed the manual and automated approaches to resolve SQLite encryption error. The manual method needs technical knowledge and is not suitable for a novice user, whereas using a third-party tool makes it easier and output-driven way. Anyway, you can choose any method which is suitable for you and if are having any suggestions for us please mention them in our comment section.

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