Fix Error SQLite Database Disk image is Malformed

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Summary:-Corruption is not a new phenomenon whether in society or the digital world. Once in a while, you face corruption issues and yes it only leaves you in a loss. Similarly, SQLite database users also face different errors leading to corruption. The most common error or corruption which SQLite users face is SQLite database disk image is malformed. Here you can check out some easy methods to fix this error and get rid of it. Using the SQLite Recovery Tool can be a good option if you don’t want to implement the manual methods.

 SQLite database disk image is malformed

If you’re making heavy use of your SQLite database, then there are hefty chances that your SQLite database will become corrupted. Usually, this corruption occurs due to bugs within your database and sometimes hardware failure is also one of the reasons. In this blog, you will not only get to know how to recover SQLite Database and get rid of SQLite Error SQLite database disk image is malformed. But also you will know the reasons behind the corruption so that you get alert and avoid your SQLite from corruption. Before I begin with the ways to recover SQL Databases, I would like to give a brief overview of SQLite.

What’s SQLite Database?

SQLite is a self-contained, highly reliable, embedded, full-featured, public-domain, SQL database engine. Unlike other DBMS, SQLite is a non-client-server database engine. It is the most widely deployed database management system in the world. For reason that SQLite is used by several browsersOS,  embedded systems and other applications  SQLite best fits this need if you’re considering for an open-source and embedded database software for local or client storage in application software.

However, it does not have a separate server process, unlike any other SQL database.

With the upcoming Digital era, the demand for the database has increased a lot. The database helps users to store information and data in a well-organized manner. Users can also retrieve data from the database. However, either due to mistakes or another way the data in the database file might become inaccessible.

Reasons Leading to SQLite Database Disk Image Is Malformed Error

  • Corruption In SQLite Files is one of the main reasons for this error.
  • When a non-SQLite database file is tried to be opened in an SQLite database then this error comes up.
  • Backing up the database file while the database was currently in use.
  • Regular use of SQLite databases leads to large amounts of data,  which results in an increase in size over the well-defined limit. This is also one of the factors responsible for generating this error SQLite Database Disk Image Is Malformed.
  • As we all know SQLite database is actually an ordinary disk file. So any process can easily open it and can overwrite it with junk characters and make unwanted changes.
  • Failure in the disk drive or flash memory can also corrupt the SQLite database. This can cause in the file content, and lead to corruption. In this case, the process to repair the SQLite database becomes quite complicated,
  • Being one of the best databases SQLite has many built-in protections which work against database corruption. But sometimes, many of these protections are not in use due to configuration options. This will result in corruption in SQLite database files.
  • Almost all programs contain some internal bugs. The SQLite database program too contains minor bugs which may cause corruption and leads to SQLite Database Disk Image Error.

Ways to Fix When SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed 

Explore the various techniques to fix SQLite problems and apply these techniques depending on your technical expertise.

Golden Rule to Repair Corrupt SQLite Database

To avoid the loss of corruption and to get back data in a healthy condition it is necessary to have a backup. If you have a valid backup for your SQLite database then you can easily restore SQLite database from its backup. But there is a chance that your Backup is corrupt. In that, you can repair the SQLite database or you can use SQLite Data Recovery Tool.

Check Out the Steps to Repair a Corrupt SQLite Database

If you need to get rid of the error and repair SQLite database, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open DB Browser for SQLite.

Firstly, you will have to open the SQLite Database Browser and go to the Execute SQL Tab.

Repair corrupt Sqlite database

Step 2: Check the PRAGMA Integrity

Now type PRAGMA integrity check and click on the play button. If your SQLite database is corrupt, then there would be some errors. But if your SQLite database is error-free, then you would see “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check (took 0ms)”.

SQLite database disk image is malformed

Step 3: Export SEL Database into SQL File if you face any Error

If you face any error like SQLite Database Disk Image Is Malformed in the database. Then you can export your database into an SQL file. For that, just click the File tab on top followed by Export > Database to SQL file.


Step 4: Choose Objects to Export to SQL

Now select the objects you want to export on the Export SQL dialogue box. Also, define other options as well.


Step 5: Hit OK

Then click OK to start the exporting process. 

Step 6: After Exporting the Database, Import the Database back to SQLite.

Once the database is successfully exported, you need to import the database back to the SQLite browser. Click File tab on top > Import > Database from SQL file.


This action will repair the SQLite database and fixes the SQLite database disk image is malformed error.


If you fail to recover a corrupt SQLite database with the above-mentioned steps then you can give a try to SQLite Recovery Tool. It flawlessly provides the recovery of corrupt  SQLite database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3. You can use this software and get rid of the SQLite Malform Error. On the other hand, skip this tool if the manual methods are enough to resolve your error.

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