How to fix “Windows Detected a Hard Disk problem” ? (Resolved)

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    April 26th, 2017
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While using a Windows Operating System one should have encountered a common message “Windows Detected a hard disk problem”. This message generally reflects a warning that if appropriate steps are not taken soon your hard disk could get corrupted.

windows detected a hard disk problem

As one could see in the above figure there are two options for the user at this time

1) Start the backup process

2) Ask me again later

Ideally one should go for the Start the backup process because if the problem gets serious one may not the option to recover his data which may contain important textual, visual or other forms of useful data. Moreover to add o the frustration of the user the message “Windows detected a hard disk problem” keeps on repeating after 5-10 minutes leading to major disruption in the ongoing work of the user.

To talk about the causes of Windows Detected a hard Disk problem of  there could be many factors such as:

Hard drive/disk failures

A condition where a properly configured computer system is unable to detect the information present in the Hard disk/drive. There could be several reasons for this type of failure including exposure of Hard disk to fire or higher magnetic fields. Damage could also be due to worn out parts in the hard disk leading to its malfunction. A further insight into this can be studied from Hard Disk Drive Failures,

System errors such as registry error

Problems like Windows can’t access the registry, that the registry is missing, or that the registry is corrupted, among others are slated under the category registry errors. Registry errors can be caused by improperly uninstalled applications that leave registry entries that cause start-up problems. Other issues could be virus, Trojans or spyware. Many of the unnecessary files which utilize a lot of your system’s resources without giving you any benefit can also be a major source of registry errors.

Logical/mechanical error

Hard drives are very much prone to errors on the mechanical and logical front including bad sectors, error on the part of mechanic or technician producing the hard disk.

File system corruption/damaged

 Various reasons add to file system corruption including the incomplete installation of a susceptible program prone to a lot of cyber attacks, abrupt shutdown of the system due to power loss or system breakdown. Deletion of important files protecting the system against malfunction too has a big role in problems of hard disks.

False operations/human error

Human errors include installing incorrect directories, following wrong instructions, modifying system registry settings, changing system file properties or operations. All these operations are carried out by a human being unintentionally thus before operating a computer system a person should have an initial understanding of the computer and its functionalities.

Virus attack

Virus attack could ruin the performance of the system to such extent that one has no alternative but to dump his system. Some of the major reasons could be downloading software utilities from unsecured sites leading to the installation of various malicious software in addition to the original one.

recover corrupt Hard disk

Bad sectors occur on hard disk partitions

Magnetic Media is used for storing data on a hard disk and however not using the hard disk media for a long time or its improper use may lead to loss of data in case of the hard disk. Bad sectors are divided into two types: logical bad sectors and physical bad sectors. Generally speaking, logical bad sectors appear because of the software error and these bad sectors can be repaired easily with some software. Physical bad sectors are usually caused by the magnetic media error. It is very difficult to fix bad sectors of such kind.

These are few of the several reasons which could lead to Windows detected a hard disk problem. But a machine is non-living so could also make an error in detection and quote an error when there is none.

In such a scenario you can follow following steps and get rid of the most annoying error Windows detected a hard disk problem.

Steps to Fix “Windows Detected a Hard Disk problem”

1. Enter gpedit.msc  in the windows search bar and press enter.

2. Go to the following path

Administrative Templates > System > Troubleshooting and Diagnostics > Disk Diagnostics;

3. Click on the disk Diagnostic: Configure Execution Level and disable it.

Hard disk Recovery

4. Click Apply and Ok

5. Finally, Restart the computer the error message would not get displayed again.

But if there is some genuine problem associated with the hard disk then one could try out few of the many solutions available to fix Windows Detected a hard disk problem.

  • Properly scan the hard disk drive using a reputed anti-virus program and check out for the various viruses and other threats found as a result of scanning. Remove them with precaution and verify it by scanning the system again.
  • The system file checker scan all system files and replace damaged file with a backup copy if the error occurs from system file errors or corruption thus leading to detection of hard disk problem
  • Another built-in tool the CHKDSK can be used if the above utility does not work out. Provided the error comes from file system problems, CHKDSK must be able to fix it.
  • In order to do away with the bad sectors in a hard disk, Microsoft provides two modes of recovery i.e Full and Quick.
  • One could firstly backup all the important files and then look out for solutions of recovery in the hard disk. As he could assure that his data is safe and any form system crash will not affect his hard work in the creation of that data.
  • A non-technical person having negligible knowledge of computer system can look out for a hard disk problem expert and remove the problems associated with his hard drive.
  • Various Disk repairing tools are available in the market providing high-end support to do away with the problems associated with hard disk data. If you are looking out for the best one you could try the Windows Data Recovery Tool available in both free and paid versions.

The solutions are many it totally depends on the nature of the hard disk problem to easily fix Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem.

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