How To Fix SQL Error 1067 In A Few Minutes?

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    August 21st, 2017
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These days usage of dedicated servers are ever increasing. From small organizations belonging to the private sector, to heavily funded big government sector organizations use dedicated servers like MS SQL Server. Use of dedicated servers have proven to decrease running costs and increase productivity by integrating multiple users as one well-oiled machine. MS SQL Server is one of the most commonly used servers used to maintain databases for various purposes. Though a very commonly user server environment, MS SQL Servers are prone to errors and corruption issues like any other competitors. In this article we are going to discuss in particular he the SQL error 1067 and we will learn How To Fix SQL Error 1067

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What is SQL Error 1067?

SQL Error 1067 might present itself in the following mentioned error messages:

“Could not start the program services on local computer”

or, “The process terminated unexpectedly.”

But the error message does not provide any information as such what are the reasons for such error or how to fix these errors.

SQL server is used for various needs like database processing, website content management, complex spreadsheets etc. during such events. It is not uncommon for an error related certain issues to show up. These servers work on structured query language and due to a mismatch in information or entering wrong information, might cause such types of error. SQL Error 1067 specifically points to an error that might have caused due to following reasons:

  • Improper configuration of the program.
  • System memory problems.
  • SQL server utilized System Files corruption.
  • Missing program files or corrupt user data.
  • Inappropriate license information.

The above-mentioned causes are just a common few of many. Such causes if corrected might resolve the SQL Error 1067.

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How To Fix SQL Error 1067?

The reasons for SQL Error 1067 has been already discussed, now let’s understands the methods to counter these errors. Read the below mentioned commonly used techniques in order to resolve SQL Error 1067.

Modify the SQL Server Settings:

You can create a new Domain Account on the system and change the MSSQL service account to the newly created account using SQL Server Configuration Manager. This would counter the causes of SQL error 1067 like the Improper configuration of the program or Inappropriate license information. These changes however minor they seem can easily bypass the reasons mentioned that cause the SQL Error 1067 to occur.

Analyze the Event LOG Files:

The SQL error 1067 presents itself with just error messages and the MS SQL program just crashes without pointing out any specific reasons of fixes for such error. It is advisable to check the Even LOG files in order to understand any particular reason for such error.

The location of the LOG files varies from program to program. Generally, the log file is saved as TXT or INI format files in the main installation directory. You can open those LOG files using TEXT EDITOR to see and examine the reason for SQL error 1067 which is causing system crashes. Upon pointing out the reason for such issue, you may take appropriate steps and make changes to settings as necessary which might fix the error. This method counters the Missing program files or corrupt user data issue.

Re-installing the SQL Server:

If in case the above-mentioned methods fail, you may opt for Re-installing the SQL Server. You may use this as a last resort technique to fix SQL error 1067. This method would fix data corruption issues or install any missing files that might have skipped during the previous installation.

It is advised to keep a up-to-date back up of the entire database as any data which was not saved in the backup file will not restore after re-installation. Although this procedure runs a risk of deletion of unsaved data re-installing will fix any corruption issue that might go on overlooked.

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Using Recovery and Repair Tools:

There are many Database Recovery Tools that aim at repairing and recovering corrupt and damaged server databases and restoring the database to proper working condition and retain all the information exactly in their original format. Many organizations use these recovery tools as the last-resort method for fixing their corrupt server databases. One of such tools is SQL Database Recovery.

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This tool is capable of recovering the corrupt database data and restoring them is a fine working condition. This tool is designed for such purposes and hence is excellent fixing SQL Server errors. SQL Database Recovery tool is very easy to use and you can recover data by following simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch SQL Database Recovery software on your system. Click on the Open.
    sql error 1067

  2. Click on Browse button to select corrupt MDF file and select any corrupt MDF file from the list and click on Open.
    sql error 1067

  3. Now select any recovery mode and click on OK button and wait for the scanning process to complete.
    sql error 1067
  4. In the Preview Pane. expand the folders on the left-hand side and double-click any item to see its contents.Then select the necessary items that you need to save and then click on Save.
    sql error 1067

  5. Select the saving option in which you want to save the recovered data. Click on OKbutton to save the data.
    sql error 1067

The entire SQL database would be restored into the new MDF file upon completion of the saving process, and the MDF file can then be added to the server.

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The above-mentioned techniques are used in order to fix the SQL Error 1067. These are some safe and commonly used techniques that both advanced users as well as novice users use. There are many errors pertaining to SQL Database other than SQL Server Error 1067. Hence the professional recommendation would always be to keep an UPDATED BACK-UP of your database.

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