Top 10 Methods to Fix “Outlook Not Responding ” Error

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    May 25th, 2017
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So, you are also among the one who has encountered the same Error: Outlook not Responding.
Let me tell you this is one of the most frequent errors which Outlook users face. It has actually irritated a lot of its users. So stop being panic and know the best solution to get over Outlook Error: Outlook not responding.

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So let’s not get into the loop and starts with the method to resolve this Outlook Error.

Outlook Not Responding

It goes without saying, MS Outlook is one of most stable as well as the suitable email client program used worldwide. However, at some point i of time it starts creating issues and stop responding. Sometimes it’s also lead to Outlook crash when it is launched or during the opening or forwarding an email message Though, you can resolve the issue just by waiting for a few seconds, Sometimes restarting of Outlook can temporarily solve such issues but there is a high probability of facing the same error again.
Hence, finding a permanent solution is very necessary as who wants to take risk of losing their important and precious files.
Before I begin with the methods to fix Outlook error code: Outlook not responding!! let’s have a look at the reason behind this.

Causes Of “Outlook Not Responding “Error

  • Computer Virus
  • Outdated MS Outlook
  • Overloaded PST files
  • Hardware issues
  • Outlook add-ins
  • Corrupt Outlook installation
  • Damaged PST Files
  • Corrupt user’s Outlook profile.

Though the reasons are not very clear and there can be another factor which leads to the this Outlook Error. So its our sole duty to check and ensure that everything which can be responsible for the Outlook Error is rectified.
So now let’s not get in the loop and begin with the methods to fix Outlook Error. In this blog, I have mentioned all the possible method to rectify The Outlook Error Code: Outlook Not Responding.
Just follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issues while using any version of MS Outlook (Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions).

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1) Exit hanging Outlook-exe process via Task Manager

This is one of the main reasons behind ” Outlook Not Responding”. If MS Outlook is used by multiple processes then just end those process by ending Outlook.exe process. just follow the below steps
• Go to Windows Task Manager by right clicking the taskbar or just press Ctrl+Alt+Del
• Then click on Start Task Manager
• Then go to the Processes tab
• Now, select Outlook.exe
• Click on the End Process button

2) Run MS Outlook in Safe Mode

Using Outlook in Safe mode is relatively a better idea, which even Microsoft suggests. In Safe mode, Outlook runs without the customization files and Outlook add-ins.
Running Outlook in safe mode will help you to easily figure out if some issue is there in add-ins or customization files.

Just follow the below steps to run Outlook in safe mode:

  • Go to Start–>Run and then type Outlook.exe/safe and hit Enter button
  • Click Yes on the pop-up confirmation message., it confirms the issue with add-ins.
  • If it starts normally, then Click File –>Options –>Add-Ins
  • Then, select COM Add-ins and then check on Go button
  • Then, Clear all the check boxes and then click on OK
  • After that restart your MS Outlook

3) Stop MS Outlook from Downloading External Content

During Outlook not responding error, users always recommended preventing your Outlook from downloading any external contents.
For this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the File–>Click on Option–> Then, go to the Trust Center–>Automatic Download
  • Now select the option Do not download pictures or other content automatically in HTML email option and Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying email option

4) Disable Outlook Add-ins

Though Outlook is supposed to improve Outlook performance and make your work easier but some add-ins may create problems for Outlook existing functions. Therefore, if you encounter error Outlook Not Responding issue then you may disable the add-ins.
Follow the below steps to disable Outlook Add-ins

  • Go to “Outlook Options” and then select “Add-ins” tab,
  • Now click “Go’ button. In the new dialog box, you can remove the Outlook add-ins.

5) Repair PST File

Damaged PST files can also be one of the main reasons responsible for Outlook Error: Outlook Not Responding. This can be resolved using the inbuilt utility Inbox Repair Tool. This is an effective repair tool that is embedded in Outlook to scan and repair damaged Outlook PST file automatically.
Follow the below steps to Repair PST files through Scanpst.exe

  • Shutdown Your MS Outlook.
  • Just go to OFFICE Folder.
  • Find the Scanpst.exe and just double-click on it.
  • Then, Select the PST file by clicking ‘Browse’.
  • Now go to ‘Options’ and from it select the scan.
  • Then, click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Start the PST repair procedure if any errors is detected

If the severe is corruption, you can check out the SysInfoTools PST Recovery Tool to recover corrupted PST Files.


6) Repair MS Office Suite

If there are errors MS Office, Outlook will absolutely encounter “Outlook not responding” issue. Therefore, you can repair MS Office to solve the issue.

  1. To recover corrupted/damaged MS Office files follow the below-mentioned steps:
  2. Close MS Office applications running on your system
  3. Click on Start–> Then Go to Control Panel–> Choose Programs and Features
  4. Now do a right-click on installed MS Office application and then click on Repair
  5. Close all open applications and programs

As large memory is required for running MS Outlook. If memory available for Outlook to perform it might generate the error message ‘Outlook Not Responding’. Shut down all unnecessary programs and applications. It can also help to get rid of this error message.

7) Reduce the Size of Outlook Mailbox

When mailbox size increases, then more resources are required to open each folder. If users have a large number of items in a single folder, then they may experience performance issues, so its necessary to reduce PST file size in MS Outlook.
• To check the size of your mailbox.
• Open Outlook, Then Go to the File, Edit View toolbar at the top of the window select “Tools” and within the drop down that opens up select “Mailbox Cleanup”; Within the Mailbox Cleanup window, select “View Mailbox Size”.
• If Outlook Mailbox size is large (say more than a gigabyte), it may be the cause of the Outlook Error “Outlook Not Responding”. You need to move some of the large folders from the mailbox to an archive. The emails will still be there, but won’t take space in your mailbox.

You can also try PST Compact Tool To compress PST files.

8) Synchronize Outlook without interruptions

While MS Outlook synchronizes messages and contacts with any other devices, do not do any work on Outlook during this period. This allows Outlook to perform the archiving or synchronization process smoothly.

9) Disable antivirus program

If your installed antivirus program is not up to date then the Outlook may respond improperly. If you want smooth working of Outlook, then disable your antivirus program or download the latest updates of antivirus software.

10) Create New User Profile:

If a user profile is corrupted or damaged, then remove that profile and create a new Outlook profile to resolve Outlook not responding error. So, to create a new user’s profiles, follow the below-mentioned steps:
• Start–> Then, Control Panel–>Go to Mail–>Now, Show Profiles
• Then choose the profile which you want to remove and then go to Remove button
• Now, click on Add to create a new user’s profile
• Then, Enter the name of the profile in the Profile Name dialog box and hit on OK.

Hope now you are well aware of how to fix Outlook Not Responding.


This blog explained 10 best methods to fix Outlook not Responding error. Through this helpful guide, you get the best solutions. I hope now you are well aware of how to fix such kinds of Outlook errors.

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