“Errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost” – Problem Solved

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Microsoft Outlook uses the Offline Storage Table(OST) file format in order to save the user’s data offline. The modifications made by the user during server downtime are automatically detected by the exchange server and applied to the actual mailbox server when the user gets connected to the internet.

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By the above discussion, you came to know about the OST files that they are used to store data offline. But that doesn’t mean that these OST files will never get prone to corruption. Outlook Exchange Server sometimes shows the message- “errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost” when the OST files get corrupted or deleted due to system error or accidental human error.

Here we will talk about the reasons for the corruption in OST files and will discuss various methods to remove the “errors have been detected in the file xxx.OST” error message where ‘xxx’ is the file name in the which the error get detected.

Reasons Behind The Message

The actual error when you try to open the corrupt OST file in the MS Outlook will pop up like this on your computer screen:

Errors have been detected in the file C:\User\<xxx>\ApplicationData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\user@abc.org.OST

Now before going further towards the solution to this remedy have a look upon the different reasons for the OST corruption.

  • Closing the MS Outlook during, when the outlook-exchange-server synchronization is in progress.
  • The inappropriate way of system shutdown while the OST file is in view mode.
  • A virus gets detected in the OST files.
  • Human error- accidental deletion of OST files.

Fixes for “errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost”

Although Microsoft Outlook provides in-Built repair utility method, either you can go for the same or can try some other alternative methods told here:

1. Creating an OST file again

OST format is used by the Outlook to store the OST data, whenever an error has been identified in the OST files, you can create an OST file again to get your mailbox data.

2. Using Microsoft In-Built Repair Utility

Microsoft Outlook allows you to use the In-Built utility tool to repair the corrupt OST file namely sacnOST.exe. You can use this method for removing error from your OST files but only if the corruption level is low. As this utility can’t handle a high level of damaged done to the OST files.

3. Getting Data from Backup

You can restore the data of corrupted OST files from the backup file of that particular OST file. This method is very easy to execute only if you have taken the backup of the OST file before the occurrence of the corruption.

4. Creating a New Outlook Profile

Sometimes there are cases when the default outlook profile is the only reason for the corruption of the existing OST files.
Then in that rare cases, you can create a new outlook profile by following the proper steps to do so.

You can use the above-mentioned methods to recover the data from corrupted OST files but sometimes there are chances that these methods will fail to help you out. As may be the corruption level is too high or maybe you can lose your valuable data during the recovery process.

In such situations, you can go for the expert software tool which is specially designed to resolve such kind of popups “errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost” with ease by converting them to PST format.

5. Expert Solution – OST file Recovery

When you find that none of the tricks is not working then don’t get upset. As Sysinfotools OST Recovery is here for you which will definitely help you out to get rid of this typical error. This tool has all the required specifications to repair the corrupt OST file and recover the important data form them.

Bottom line

Hope you will now be able to fix error message- “errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost” by using any of the above-discussed methods. If the manual methods don’t do it for you then you must give a try to the OST File Recovery Software which will definitely help you in recovering your data from corrupt OST files.

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