Best Free Methods to Convert NSF files to PST files

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    July 19th, 2018
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Summary:-Two of the most accepted and appreciated email clients by the organization are Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. Nonetheless, due to some certain circumstances, many users need to switch their email clients from Lotus Notes to Outlook. But Outlook does not import NSF files directly, so one needs to convert NSF files to PST files. So let’s have a journey of the requirements and ways to access NSF emails in MS Outlook.


Reasons for Migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook(NSF to PST)

There are numerous reasons why peoples migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Outlook grants multiple account configurations simultaneously.
  • Switching Job is one of the common reasons to convert NSF to PST.
  • The outlook is more cost-effective with respect to Lotus Notes.
  • MS Outlook is more user-friendly compared to Lotus Notes i.e users can manage and organize emails more efficiently in Outlook.
  • Outlook is more secure than any other email client.
  • MS Outlook develops new features with every new release version.

Manual methods to Convert NSF files to PST files.

It is an effective NSF to PST freeware conversion method. But before starting the Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion you need to create a backup as there are chances that the NSF file might get corrupted during the conversion process. Basically, there are 2 levels to convert NSF files to PST files in the manual method.

  1. Exporting NSF files from Lotus Notes.
  2. Importing into MS Outlook.

Phase #1: Exporting NSF files from Lotus Notes.

  • Launch Lotus Notes application.
  • From the Opened windows click on ‘Open’ and select the NSF file that you want to export into the PST file.
  • Click on the file from the menu and select ‘Export’.
  • After this Export wizard will pop up, Allocated a location on the hard drive where you want to save the new file.
  • From ‘Save as Type’ select Comma Separated Value file format.
  • Provide a name and tap on Export.
  • A different dialogue box ‘CSV Export’ will appear and carefully select the required options, then tap ‘Ok’.
csv export
  • All the exported data will be saved in a CSV file and will be saved at the allocated location. With this, you have accomplished phase 1 of NSF to PST. Now, all you need is to import the exported NSF files.

Phase #2 Importing CSV files to MS Outlook.

Follow these steps to finish the remaining process:

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook application and click on the file menu.
  • Now click on ‘Open & Export’ and then select ‘Import/Export.
  • Import/Export wizard will pop up and from the ‘Choose an action to perform’ select ‘Import from another program or file, then click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next step.
  • Now from Import a file window select file format Comma Separated Values and tap ‘Next’.
  • Click on the ‘Browse’ and locate the CSV file that you have exported from Lotus Notes.
import duplicate
  • The wizard will provide you with three options to import or ignore importing duplicate items. The options are:
  • Replace duplicates with items imported,
  • Allow duplicates to be created and
  • Do not import duplicate items.

After selecting the option according to your necessities click ‘Next’.

  • Now, select the Outlook file destination where you want to store data after import and tap ‘Next’.
select desti
  • In the next step mark the checkbox and tap on ‘Finish’ to complete the NSF to PST conversion task.

This is how you convert and use NSF to PST freeware.

Drawbacks of Manual NSF to PST conversion

Although the Manual method is free for NSF to PST conversion it has some major drawbacks:

  1. Manually converting Lotus Note to Outlook is a very lengthy process hence, it’s very time-consuming.
  2. A User needs to have deep technical knowledge about both the clients for carrying out the process.
  3. If not handled correctly or a mistake is made at any point, there are chances of file corruption.
  4. Convert only one NSF file at a time.

Use Professional and Proficient NSF to PST Conversion Tool

SysInfoTools NSF to PST Converter is the best, most advance and most powerful Lotus Note to MS Outlook conversion tool. It is the best alternative for free NSF to PST converters. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook, also can run smoothly on the latest versions of windows as well. Learn

  • Alike from freeware NSF to PST tools, it can directly save and export Lotus Notes email messages, contacts, calendars, etc. to Outlook clients effortlessly.
  • Data remaining intact after the conversion means there is no data loss.
  • Can also convert multiple NSF files at once.
  • Auto-Search option is provided so that if you are unaware about of the file location, you can use this feature to locate the file.
  • The Smart Preview feature helps you to be sure about the selected NSF file content.
  • Utilize the Date Range feature to remove unwanted Lotus Notes files and content.

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