How to Backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook?

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    March 5th, 2021
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Summary:- Hotmail-web mail is discontinued from the manufacturer’s end, but in its alternative is provided. is a web-mail client just like Hotmail and But after discontinuation of Hotmail many users searched for methods to backup Hotmail emails in Outlook. is provided by Microsoft Inc. as a utility in Office 365. Moreover, is secured by Azure RMS, which is a protection technology used by Azure Information Protection.

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However, if you have an Hotmail account, you can access that directly in or in Outlook desktop application. So, I will explain how you can backup your Hotmail emails to Outlook desktop application. But before that let’s discuss why users need to make backup of a Hotmail account.

Why do we Need to Backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook?

There are many reasons why users tend to backup Hotmail emails in Outlook. Here, we have mentioned some of the causes:

  • Users fear losing data from Hotmail web-mail clients.
  • Backup hotmail emails to hard drive or a more secure platform where the cases of Email hacking, security breaches are minimal.
  • Hotmail backup is required when Export Hotmail emails to PST file.
  • Using a desktop-based email client to manage Hotmail.

The causes led a user to take steps to back up their Hotmail emails to MS Outlook desktop application.

Methods to Backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook

There is no direct method to backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook. So to backup the emails in Outlook you need to follow the given procedures:

  1. Save Hotmail ( email message to EML file.
  2. Add Hotmail account to Outlook desktop application.
  3. SysInfo Hotmail Backup to Save Hotmail emails in Outlook

Method 1: Save Hotmail ( Email Message to EML Format

  1. Open on your browser.
  2. singin Microsoft sccount
  3. Now, Sign In with your Microsoft Account details.
  4. open email box
  5. Tap on your Inbox folder to open the email that you want to backup to Outlook.
  6. view message sourec
  7. Now, select the More options located on the top-right of the email screen. After that, Go to View to View Message Source.
  8. Here, press CTRL+A on the keyboard to select all the content, then press CTRL+C to copy the content.
  9. Then go to the Desktop screen and press right-click on the mouse to open the menu. Select the New option and click on the Notepad application to start Notepad.
  10. Paste the content by pressing CTRL+V on the keyboard.
  11. Now, tap on the File menu to save content as an EML file.
  12. Here in the file name type the desired name and suffix .eml. Type as name.eml to backup Hotmail email in Outlook. Then tap on the Save button to save the file.
  13. You can view the EML file in your Outlook desktop application.

These are the steps that can be used while backup of Hotmail emails in Outlook. If you still have an issue, Then use the other solution to do so.

Method 2: Add Hotmail Account in Outlook Desktop Application

  1. Run Outlook desktop application.
  2. Go to File menu >> Info >> Add Account option.
  3. Now, Log In using your Hotmail ID and Password.
  4. login hotmail account
  5. Restart the Outlook desktop application for changes to apply.
  6. locate hormail account
  7. After restart, locate your Hotmail account from the left panel.
  8. Additionally, you can drag and drop your Hotmail emails to another account attached with Outlook desktop application.

Using this method you can backup Hotmail email in Outlook. By using the given approach you can access your Hotmail account directly in the Outlook desktop application.


The provided methods may look simple but these methods come with their disadvantages. As mentioned below:

  • Non-technical users may not be able to perform the methods as described.
  • Attachments in the emails do not get backed up in the Outlook.
  • If the Outlook server is not responding then you can not backup Hotmail emails in Outlook.
  • The users can only backup a single file at a time.

So, to do away with the given disadvantages without any data loss. You would require a Hotmail backup tool to backup emails in Outlook.

Method 3: Perfect Solutions to Save Hotmail Emails to Outlook

If you are unable to save Hotmail emails to Outlook then opt for an alternative method using a tool. The Hotmail Backup Tool by SysInfo is an effective tool that can save Hotmail emails in Outlook desktop application. Users can also opt for this tool to make backup Hotmail emails to the hard drive and to save Hotmail emails in a Local system. The tool provides options to configure Hotmail in Outlook? remove duplicate emails before starting the backup process. Hotmail backup software works safely and provides quick results.

Wrap Up

With much pondering over the challenges that users face while backup Hotmail emails in Outlook. I mentioned the reasons why users want to save their emails to Outlook. Using these reasons I provided the methods used to make backup of Hotmail emails. But these methods come with their limitations that can cause loss of data and harm work dexterity. So, for resolving this I bring up a tool-based solution. Using this tool users can save time and data.

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