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Summary:- A Computer is an electronic device used to transfer information or save data. Users can utilize this to perform arithmetic and logical operations with the help of computer programming. As per the need of the users, they can store, retrieve, and process data. Users can also use the computers to type documents, send & receive emails, play games, browse any information, etc. Here 100 Shortcut keys in Computer. A Computer includes different components in them such as Monitor, Mouse, Keyword, CPU, UPS.

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As users can perform different functions in monitors like write, read, remove, copy, paste, browsing data, file explorer, etc. In doing these works on the monitor, sometimes it takes too much time to select the specific command for separate work. Therefore, to overcome these difficulties faced by the users. Here I recommend users the best 100 Shortcut keys, which makes their work simple and easy.

100 Shortcut Keys in Computer

These are the top 100 useful shortcut keys used in computers to perform different functions and processes.

Commonly Used Shortcuts Keys

Ctrl + CCopy the text, image files, folders, etc.
Ctrl + VPaste the things which are copied or present in the clipboard
Ctrl + ATo select all the documents from the open window.
Ctrl+ XCut the selected text.
Ctrl+ DDelete the selected Items.
Alt+ F4Close the open window.
Ctrl+ ZUndo the last Action.
Ctrl+ YRedo the last Action.
Alt+ TabSwitch between open windows.
Alt+ EnterShows properties of the selected items, Same as a right-click option.
Alt+ SpacebarShow Shortcut menu of the open window.
Alt+ Left ArrowGo back to the previous history if it is present in the Bowser.
Alt+ Right ArrowGo forward in the browser window.
Alt+ Page UpScroll up the Entire Screen.
Alt+ Page downScroll down the Entire Screen.
BackspaceDelete the currently added text.
F1Shows the Help menu
F2Rename the currently selected files and folders.
F3Search activation of specific files and folders.
F4Display Address list in File tab.
F5Refresh the open window
F6Move the text cursor to the program currently open on the browser.
F10Display the menu bar in software currently open.
Ctrl ++Zoom In on various data present on the screen.
Ctrl —Zoom Out on various data present on the screen.
Shift+ 10Display shortcut menu of chosen items.
EscStop the current Action.
Shift+ DeleteDeleted the selected items without going to the recycle Bin.

Shortcut Key for Windows

Ctrl+ DBookmark the currently open web Address in the browser.
Ctrl+ IPreview the saved windows.
Ctrl+ JPreview the download items of the browser
Ctrl+ HDisplay browser history tab.

MS Word Shortcut Keys

Windows+ LLock the computer screen, and when users want to unlock it, they need login details.
Windows+ DSwitch between currently open windows.
Windows+ F1Open the Windows Help menu.
WindowsOpen or close the start menu.
Windows+ BHighlight the notification.
Windows+ FFor Feedback Hub on the window.
Windows+ IOpen the setting of the windows.
Windows+ KOpen connect/ stream option on the screen.
Windows+ MMinimise the Currently pen windows.
Windows+ Shift+ MReopen the minimize windows.
Windows+ POption to select the Display mode.
Windows+ QOpen Search for menu
Windows+ ROpen the Run Tab to search elements.
Windows+ TSwitch between the apps pin on the taskbar
Windows+ VMove through the notification
Windows+ ,Preview the desktop(As long as the button should be pressed).
Windows+ ZDisplay the commands used in the currently open window.
Windows+ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9Start the application pin in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth place of the taskbar, or if it is already in the running stage, then it switches to that application window.
Windows+ Shift+ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9Start a new window of the app pinned on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth position of the taskbar. Moreover, if it is already open, then switch to a new window.
Windows+ Alt+ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9Open the Action bar menu for the application pinned on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth position of the taskbar.
Windows+ TabProvide option to select winds or applications recently opened.
Windows+ Ctrl+ BSwitch between the application or window that display the notification
Windows+ Up ArrowMaximize the current tab.
Windows+ Down ArrowMinimize the current tab.
Windows+ Left ArrowMaximize the window placed on the left side of the screen.
Windows+ Right ArrowMaximize the window placed on the right side of the screen.
Windows+ HomeMinimize/maximize all but the current desktop window.
Windows+ SpacebarChoose the previously selected options for language and keyboard.
Windows+ Ctrl+ SpacebarChoose the previously selected options for language and keyboard.

Shortcut Key for Files Explorer

Alt+ DSelect the URL in the Address bar.
Ctrl+ EChoose the Address bar, Search bar, Omnibox.
Ctrl+ NTo open the new window.
Ctrl+ WTo open the new window.
Ctrl+ Mouse Scroll WheelZoom In or Zoom Out the Screen.
Ctrl+ Shift+ EDisplay all the highlighted folders.
Ctrl+Shift+ NCreate a new folder.
Num Lock+ *Display all the subfolders of the selected Folders.
Num Lock ++Display the contents of the selected folder.
Alt+ PDisplay the view pane.
BackspaceMove to the previous folder,
Alt+ Up ArrowPreview the main folder of a specific folder.
Alt+ Left ArrowDisplay the previous folder.
EndDisplay the end of the currently open window.
HomeShow the top of the Currently open window.

Shortcut Key for Browser

Ctrl+ WClose the open window or document.
Ctrl+ ZUndo the Action.
Ctrl+ YRedo the last Action.
Ctrl+ SSave the new document
Ctrl+ PPrint an open document.
Ctrl+ kTo insert the hyperlink.
Ctrl+ CCopy the selected items on the clipboard.
Ctrl+ VPaste the items copied on the clipboard.
Ctrl+Shift+AChange the formats of all letters into capitals.
Ctrl+ BApply or Remove the bold format of letters,
Ctrl+ IApply or Remove italic formats.
Alt+ Shift+ DTo Insert Current Date.
Ctrl+ LMove one word to the left
Ctrl +=Perform Subscript format of letters.
Ctrl+ RMove one word to the right
Ctrl +Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph.
Ctrl + EndTo insert Current Time.
Ctrl+ DelDelete a word that is on the right side of the cursor.
Ctrl+ BackspaceDelete the word that is recently added.
Ctrl+ SpacebarReset the selected text to the default font.
Ctrl+ HomeMove the cursor to the beginning of the word document.
Alt+ Shift+ TTo insert Current Time.
Alt+ Shift+ DTo Insert Current Date.
Ctrl+ IChange Text to Italic Format.
Ctrl+ UUnderline the selected text.


Nowadays the shortcut keys are mostly preferred by users. So, this blog will define the 100 shortcut keys that are mostly used by users.

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