Solved “This is a Secured Document Editing is not Permitted” In Adobe Acrobat

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    February 13th, 2019
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As the cyber-crime is on a hike these days so everyone wants to keep their file safe and secured. In order to do that everyone protects the file by setting up a complex password. Nowadays the preferred file format of every user is PDF which is also known as Portable Document file. The reason for this is that PDF files are safe and they can’t be edited easily. Some users also protect PDF files by setting up a password. The problem arises when they forget the password and the file shows an error “This is a secured document. Editing is not Permitted” when the user tries to open it.

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I am sure you might have some question like:-

  • Has the PDF file got corrupted?
  • Is the PDF file is not compatible with my system?
  • Should I enter some random passwords?
  • Should I open the PDF file in other Operating System?

Well, please don’t panic you can break PDF Password Manually. You have to follow simple steps that I am going to tell you in this article and you will be able to view and edit password protected PDF file.

Methods to enable editing in a secured PDF file.

  1. Remove PDF Security with Google Chrome
  2. Remove PDF Security with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Removing PDF Password via Google Chrome

  • Drag the file on the new tab of Google Chrome or
  • Right Click on the PDF File and open it with Chrome Browser
  • Once it gets opened Right Click on PDF file and select Print
  • Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” option click on Print
  • After this, your PDF file will be downloaded with no security

If this trick doesn’t works then you can try the next one

Removing PDF Security via Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Download Adobe Reader Setup File and Install it
  • Browse and Open the PDF file which has to be unlocked
  • Right Click on the File and select Properties
  • Go to Permission Details on the left and Click on the Security Tab
  • Select No Security Option
  • Open Security Dropdown Menu and Select Remove Password
  • Save the PDF on the desired location

Now I want to ask you one thing, did you succeed in solving “this is a Secured document editing is not permitted” error?

If not, then I would like to suggest you one more solution to your problem. I can bet that by this method you can easily break PDF Password and can access password protected PDF.

Do you want to know this method?

You can break PDF Password or security by using a third party tool. But again you might be in a dilemma that which tool would be best to use. So before you must go for any PDF Password Remover tool, you must inspect the tool thoroughly that will help you to Remove PDF Print Restrictions Online.

PDF Security Remover must possess the following qualities

  • Removes PDF Password without causing any kind of damage to the files
  • Breaks both the passwords that are the owner’s password and the user’s password
  • Can handle multiple PDF files simultaneously
  • Modifies metadata and Other information
  • Must Preview Data before saving
  • Should remove all types of PDF restrictions
  • Must support encrypted PDF files
  • Compatible with all the versions of windows

Well, I think I have told you many qualities but it is very hard to find such a tool which possess all the qualities. But my friend every problem has a solution. Here is a professional tool by SysInfoTools which possess all the qualities mentioned above. The PDF Unlocker is designed with such algorithm that it can read a PDF file and removes the password security from PDF file.

I am sure that if you try this tool then definitely you can resolve the error this is a secured document editing is not permitted. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time surfing around on various website because it is very hard to find such a tool which possesses all the features.

I hope I have given you a sufficient solution to your problem. After trying all this I can guarantee that you will be able to break PDF file Security.

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