How To Restore Personal Folders In Outlook (A DIY Guide)

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    September 23rd, 2017
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Most of the times our Personal folders in Outlook stores all our crucial messages. But What will happen if our personal folders got deleted or corrupted? Today we will be discussing the same thing, that is “How To Restore Personal Folders In Outlook”This is a major issue that many of MS Outlook users are facing. The personal folders sometimes get deleted or get corrupted making your data inaccessible. So you cannot access your emails, contacts, appointments, calendar items and so on. The communication system can come to a halt. But always remember one thing, if there are some issues..then there has to be a solution too.

Now in this article, we will discuss how to restore personal folders in Outlook which have been deleted or corrupted.

Reasons/Causes For Outlook Personal Folder Deletion

If you know the reason of your Outlook personal folder deletion then it would certainly help you to recover your deleted personal folders in outlook. So let’s see some of the reasons

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is a major issue where a user accidentally deleted a personal folder and cannot retrieve it. Deleting your PST files or other communication-related data can also lead to this situation

Exceeds File Size

When your Outlook PST files exceed its limit, the only option to retrieve that is through archiving. But during archiving if any kind of power shutdown or any kind of other issues interrupt the process, you will be left with a corrupt data. As a result of this, all your data will be inaccessible and you will not be able to use it

Malware Detection

Sometimes what happens is when your antivirus scans your system and if they find any malware infected emails or attachments, rather than deleting a single email they delete the whole folder.

How To Restore Personal Folders In Outlook

Recovering deleted personal folders in Outlook is not that hard if you have an idea about how to do this.

You can recover or restore personal folders in Outlook with the help of Inbox Repair Tool.

You may follow the below steps to Restore Personal Folders In Outlook with the help of Inbox repair tool:

  • Launch Inbox Repair tool
  • “Browse” and select the PST and click on “Start” button. Now your repair tool will start scanning and see whether he can detect any errors. After detection click on “Repair” to start the repair process
  • After completion, save the recovered repair files to a new PST file

Note: If you don’t know the location of your Inbox Repair Tool, you may checkout the below image.

Inbox repair Tool location

If Inbox Repair tool doesn’t help restore personal folders in Outlook then I would suggest you go for “SysInfoTools PST Repair Tool“. It is a great tool to repair PST files and resolve any types of Outlook errors. Plus it is quick and very effective and within 06 clicks you will be able to restore personal folders in Outlook.

Download Now

So let’s check out it’s step by step procedure:

Step 01: Browse and select the PST files that you want to repair. Change “Select the recovery mode” only when your PST files are corrupted. Click on “Ok”


Step 02: Wait for some time till canning of your files is going on


Step 03: Now on your left hand side all your folders will be shown. Just click on the folder that you want to repair and click “Save”


Step 04: Browse and select the location where you want to save your repaired files and click “Ok”


Step 05: Saving process will start and will take some time to get completed


Step 06: Finally your files are repaired. Click “Ok”


These are the two process through which you can restore personal folders in outlook.

Hope you guys liked it.

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