How To Resolve #div/0 Error In Excel or Divide By Zero In Excel???

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The #div/0 error in excel or also known as divide by zero error in excel is a simple error. And it can be resolved very easily. Only if you the reason for its causes. So today we will discuss and understand the reasons why it happens and would discuss on how to fix #div/0 in excel.

This error might look like a big ad e\inevitable error but it is not. This divide by zero error in excel happens when you or a user divides a particular cell or a number by zero or a blank cell. If something like this happens then there are chances that you will be going to face this error.

This #div/0 error in excel has when you have set up formulas for a defined sheet and haven’t entered any values in a cell where the formula is executed.

Reasons For Excel Error #div/0

excel error #div/0

In the below example, you can see there are two cells which mentioned “#div/0 error” under the %dropped column. The reason to this is that %dropped is calculated by dividing dropped calls by No. of calls. And as the data has not been entered in Bill and Brenda’s, it is showing this excel error #div/0. As there are blank cells and your MS Excel cannot read it.

divide by zero error in excel

Apart from this above reason, there is one more reason due to which this excel error #div/0 happens.
In the below image, we need to calculate the average price and for that, we are using the formula =D2/(C2-B2). But as soon as you reach the Plum row, you can see the Average Price tab indicates divide by zero error in excel. The reason for this is that both Q1 & Q2 have the same amount and that is ’56’. So even if the value of two cells are same and you’re dividing it then you might face this error.

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How To Fix #div/0 In Excel

There are various ways through which you can get rid of this #div/0 error in excel. And here, I will you certain techniques to resolve this error.

And of the best technique is by modifying the formula.
yes, by modifying the formula or in other words by using IFERROR, you can resolve this divide by zero error in excel.
Using this technique is very easy to use.

For Suppose: if your formula was (B1/B2) then in place of (B1/B2) you will use =IFERROR(B1/B2,“”) if you are looking for a blank cell. Or you may use =IFERROR(B1/B2,0) if you want zero in place of the error.

If your B2 is zero or empty, then you should use this formula =IF(B2=0,0,B1/B2). Which will return to zero in the error cell.

As per my knowledge, this is the best techniques to resolve excel error #div/0.

Hope now your doubts are clear on how to resolve #div/0 error in excel.

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