Outlook Profile Repair- How to Fix Outlook Profile Issues?

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    August 5th, 2013
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    April 21, 2022
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Summary:-Nowadays, Outlook Profile Issues are the major concern of many users. They are facing errors while trying to access their Outlook account. In this blog, I’ll tell you some measures through which you can easily execute Outlook Profile Repair Task. Many users face several errors when they access their Outlook profiles.

Free Method to Repair Outlook Profile

You can try this manual method for fixing Outlook profile issues because you can do so with the help of the Outlook application.

  1. Launch the MS Outlook program on your system:
  2. Click on File tab > Info > Account Setting > again Account Settings.
  3. The Account Settings window will appear. Click on the Repair button.
  4. The Repair Account window will appear. Fill up the full details and click on Next.
  5. Outlook starts configuring e-mail server settings. This might take several minutes.
  6. The e-mail account has been successfully configured. Click on Finish.

All the above steps are very important to create the outlook profile successfully. 

After all this process, now try to connect your email account to MS Outlook. I hope now you’ll not face any kind of issues with your Outlook Profile.

This method is only suitable for minor issues but if you are still unable to fix Outlook Profile issue then there are chances that your emails are corrupted.

Outlook Emails are basically stored in a PST file and due to the corruption of the PST file, the error occurs in the Outlook Profile. So first you need to repair the file and then import it into your Outlook profile. After which I can assure you that you’ll not face any kind of Outlook Profile error.

How to Repair PST File?

Now, it is a big question that how you are going to repair the PST file in order to make your Outlook profile perfect and manageable. You can either try the Inbox Repair Tool or a Third-party Tool. The inbox repair tool is basically an inbuilt utility of MS Outlook which can execute Outlook Profile Repair Task but there are certain drawbacks of this tool where the Third Party Tool gains the advantage.

Choose PST repair

outlook repair


Now, you have seen the various techniques to repair your Outlook profile. I have told various methods for fixing the issues. You can use the manual method as well as the professional method to fix the Outlook profile issue. But sometimes due to less technical knowledge the user fails to apply the manual techniques, therefore, I have given a shortcut that is Sysinfo PST Repair Tool. You can try this tool if you find any complexity while applying the manual steps. I hope you liked this blog.

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