Perform Office 365 to Gmail Migration in Simple Steps

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    April 26th, 2023
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Summary:-Office 365 has recently raised the cost of its subscription, which has an impact on users’ wallets. Therefore, they are looking for a secure destination for their M365 mailbox, and we know there are only two giant players in the market, one is Microsoft and the other is Google. If people are fed up with Office 365 services, then they have the option to transfer their O365 mailboxes to Gmail. So, in this write-up, we will explore authentic and reliable methods including the automated tool Sysinfo Office 365 Backup Tool to perform Office 365 to Gmail migration. Let’s unleash the methods in detail.

Methods to Migrate Office 365 to Gmail

Below are a few methods that you can choose from for transferring M365 emails and attachments to Google Mail. Let’s proceed with each method in detail. Decide accordingly.

Method 1: Configure M365 Account in Gmail

Using this method can allow you to migrate Office 365 emails to your selected Gmail account. Take the below steps.

  • Access your Gmail account and move to the gear icon.
  • Select the Import Mail & Contacts option in the Accounts and Import wizard.migrate emails from Office 365 to Gmail
  • Enter your Office 365 Email ID and click the Continue button.step-2
  • Type the O365 password and enter the POP 365 to gmail migration
  • Manage the other import options and at last, click the Start Import button.

In this way, you can migrate emails from Office 365 to Gmail. 

If you find this approach too technical and are searching for an alternative solution. Look at the next workaround.

Method 2: Migrate O365 to Gmail via Outlook

In this method, you need Outlook as an intermediary application and before implementing this technique, your Gmail and O365 accounts must configure in Outlook. After that, follow the below steps.

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File tab.
  • Create a new folder in Outlook by right-clicking the account. Alternatively, click the Folder menu and choose the New Folder option.
  • After that select the New Folder option from the list of preferences.step 4
  • Assign the name and decide the folder, under which you want to show your newly created folder.
  • After the folder creation, drag the emails from O365 and drop them into the newly created folder in Gmail.

And that’s how you perform Office 365 to Gmail migration via Outlook.

But this method is already a tiresome task, and if you have thousands of emails, then you need approximately two-three days with consistency. Still, you are not sure that your complete M365 emails were successfully transferred to Gmail. However, you can eliminate all these issues by utilizing an automated solution and can migrate Office 365 email to Gmail in just a few minutes. We will therefore go into more detail about how you can make your migration task easier in the section that follows.

Migrate Office 365 to Gmail in a Flick of the Finger

In the aforementioned techniques, we have observed that traditional methods are not effective and very time-consuming. Sometimes, it takes two to three days to complete these tasks, and even then, you can’t be certain that you successfully migrated all of your emails from Office 365 to Gmail. As a result, professionals suggested using Sysinfo’s Office 365 migration tool to transfer O365 emails to Gmail. Let’s elaborate more on this advanced utility.

Sysinfo Office 365 Migration Tool With Salient Features

This utility allows you to perform an Office 365 to Gmail migration in just a few moments. Additionally, you have the option to migrate thousands or even lakhs of emails to Gmail in a single go. Furthermore, you have several options to save your Office 365 mailbox. You can remove duplicate emails, sort emails within the date range, etc. It also allows users to migrate Office 365 to Google Workspace easily. Moreover, you can save M365 emails with or without attachments into several useful and updated file formats. Besides, your data is completely safe and secure throughout and after the entire process.

Essence of the Words

This technical article provides you with handy and self-attempted techniques. Even though some tasks demand perseverance and technical knowledge, they do not ensure your successful Office 365 to Gmail migration. On the contrary, a professional tool is designed in such a way that you should not possess the technical skills to migrate M365 emails. You can perform this migration quickly and without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I migrate Office 365 email to Gmail without Outlook?

Ans. Yes, this advanced utility allows migrating Office 365 emails to Google Mail without Outlook. You can simultaneously migrate attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other items in addition to emails.

Q2. How to move from Office 365 to Gmail in just a few minutes.

Ans.  Execute the following steps for Office 365 to Gmail migration in a snap.
1. Download and install the Office 365 Backup Tool.
2. Enter the O365 credentials.
3. Make a choice regarding the email address whose mailbox you want to move.
4. Choose the saving format as Gmail from the list of preferences. Then enter its email address and password.
5. Manage the other advanced features of the tool accordingly.
6. At last, click the Convert button, and your Office 365 emails are successfully migrated to Gmail.

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