Guide to Migrate Amazon Workmail Emails to Office 365 Account

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    March 23rd, 2023
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Summary:- A lot of organisations worldwide use Amazon Workmail to manage their day-to-day emails. But after the addition of new features in Office 365, these organizations are shifting from AWS Workmail to Office 365. The Amazon Workmail to Office 365 migration is not an easy task because lakhs of emails have to be transferred from one email client to another. Therefore, we would be giving you the easiest solution to migrate Amazon Workmail emails to Office 365 account. You can make use of the Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup Software that will perform a hassle-free migration in a few minutes depending upon the mailbox size

Methods to Migrate AWS Workmail to Office 365

There are two ways that you can implement for the migration. Either you can forward emails one by one from your Amazon Workmail Account to your Office 365 Account or you can straight away use the third-party tool.

Forward AWS Workmail Emails

You can apply this method if you have a few emails to be migrated from AWS Workmail to Office 365. Here are some simple steps you can use to migrate emails one by one.

  • Open AWS Workmail and log in.
  • Then open the email that you want to migrate to Office 365.
  • Click on the Forward option in the same email.
  • Now enter your Office 365 Email Address.
  • Finally, click on the Send button and your AWS email will be forwarded to Office 365.

You can follow this method for every email. But this method can be applied only if you have few emails but for bulk Amazon Workmail Email migration to Office 365 Account, you will have to use professional software. You must go through some of the shortcomings of this method.

Shortcomings of the Above Approach

  • Transferring emails in Bulk would not be possible with this approach.
  • This method is only suitable if you have to migrate only a few emails.
  • This method will take a lot of time when you implement it.
  • You can only migrate one email at a time.

Use Amazon Workmail Email Backup Software

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the manual method, you can make use of the Amazon Workmail Email Backup Software. This software will help you to migrate Amazon Workmail Emails to Office 365 in bulk including all attachments. Even if you have lakhs of emails, you can use this software for the migration. You will just have to Launch the Software>Authenticate Amazon Workmail Login>Mark Emails for Migration>Choose Saving Option as Office 365>Authenticate Office 365 Login>Complete the Migration. So in a few steps, all your Amazon Workmail Emails will be migrated to your Office 365 account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Office 365

  • Download and Launch Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup Tool.
  • Enter your Amazon Workmail Email Address and Password and authenticate the login process.
  • After signing in, the software will display all the emails present in your AWS Workmail Account.
  • Mark the emails that you want to migrate to Office 365. There is no maximum limit for choosing emails.
  • Now, in the Save As option, choose Office 365.
  • Authenticate the Office 365 Login using its credentials.
  • Apply necessary features of the software if needed and click on the Convert Button.

All the emails will be migrated in bulk from your AWS Workmail to your Office 365 account. You can also check out some of the features of this software below and see how it is helpful in the email migration of your AWS account.

Glancing Features

  • Thousands or Lakhs of AWS Workmail Emails can be migrated to Office 365 through this software.
  • This software is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • You can reduce the AWS Mailbox size by removing duplicate emails from it.
  • This software has a Simple GUI that helps to do the migration easily.
  • You can download the Free version of this software to evaluate the software performance.

Take Away

So, you have seen that there are two quick easy that can help you to migrate Amazon Workmail emails to Office 365 account. We recommend you to use professional software because it migrates emails in bulk along with attachments and other folders. It’s your choice which method you apply for the AWS Email migration to Office 365.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to use the Sysinfo Amazon Workmail Backup Tool?

Ans – Yes, this software is 100% safe to download and you can evaluate the software’s performance for free through the demo version of this software.

Q. What is the maximum size of the mailbox I can migrate from Amazon Workmail to Office 365?

Ans – There is no such maximum limit on the mailbox size you are migrating. This software can migrate GBs of data from one account to another.

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