Methods to Access Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2016

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    February 26th, 2020
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Yahoo Mail was once the most popular and used email client in offices. Due to the increased number of emails in the Inbox, it has become tough to export emails to another client at once. Over time, many users faced difficulties in logging into the Yahoo Mail account. As a result, the demands decreased and forced users to switch to new interfaces. Here, we are going to focus on how we can access Yahoo Emails in MS Outlook.

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Why User Prefer MS Outlook Over Yahoo Mail

If you cannot access Yahoo Mail, then you must check out the following reasons mentioned here. Microsoft Outlook offers many other advantages over the web version of Yahoo. 

  1. By using Outlook, one can set up a work/office routine. It can set up conference calls online.
  2. One of the core reasons why users prefer Outlook is its accessibility. MS Outlook provides access to emails offline. 
  3. By using Outlook, users get the most robust inbox with varied features to stay productive while managing their emails.
  4. As soon as you transfer emails to Outlook, it keeps sorting them according to categories along the way.
  5. According to preferences, It allows you to label your emails.
  6. You can search for mails by sorting them according to timeframes, date, and time.
  7. According to priority, it allows you to change the color of flags on emails.
  8. It allows you to ignore emails from anonymous senders.
  9. Outlook provides a more intuitive interface without ads, rich desktop and Lock screen notifications, Smart Lookup, advanced filters, and much more.
  10. The Outlook attachment support possesses the ability to directly share OneDrive files as copies or links. 

Manual Setup to Access Yahoo Mail from Outlook

After looking at the reasons to use Outlook. We will now look at the methods of how a user can increase the consistency of his/her mails by moving Yahoo mail to Outlook. 

  1. For POP & IMAP in Yahoo Mail

You must enable the POP & IMAP to log-in to Yahoo account from Non-Yahoo apps and devices:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Go to the Account profile and choose ‘Account Info’.
  3. In Account Security, go to  Allow apps that use less secure sign-in and enable it.

2. Generate Password

If your account is enabled for two-factor authentication, then you have to generate a new password to Login for the same. Two-factor authentications are usually two ways to confirm whether the user is really who he/she claims to be.

  1. Go to Account settings and select the Generate app password option.
  2.  Then Select outlook from the given drop-down menu and next hit Generate
  3. Select the generated password and copy-paste in the Outlook account.

3. Adding Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2016

  1. Open Outlook, Go to the File menu in the navigation bar. Then click Info and select Add Account.
  2. Enter your Yahoo Mail ID and click Connect.
  3. Enter the Yahoo Mail password and hit Connect.
  4. Now, your account is finally added to Now you can access Yahoo mails in 
  5. Choose IMAP from given Icon options.
  6. Enter the password that you had generated earlier and click ‘Connect’.
  7. If you are facing any issues in accessing your account, then go to ‘Account Profile’ and click the Change Account Settings option.
  8. Go to IMAP Accounts Settings page, Fill in the below details exactly as said.
  • Incoming mail will be –
  • Enter port number – 993.
  • For incoming mail, the encryption method will be SSL/TLS.
  • In Outgoing mail – and attached port number as 465.
  • For the outgoing mail, the encryption method will be – SSL/TLS
  • Click Next

9. Once again, Enter the Generated password of the Yahoo account and click Connect.

10. Your account is connected successfully to Now, You can access your mail.

Through these manual methods,  you can export Yahoo emails to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Conversion

No aid is perfect. Each solution comes with a limitation. As you saw above the steps to access Yahoo Mail in Outlook. Now, let’s keep in mind that these situations might occur if not handled with care 

  • Need technical experience to transfer an email client account to Otherwise, you might lose your data.
  •  It can take much time in creating a backup if there are multiple files and folders.

Automated tool to Access Yahoo Mail via Outlook

If the above manual method doesn’t work for you then you can try the automated method to access your emails. One such utility is SysInfoTools Yahoo to Outlook Software. It is highly capable of directly importing Yahoo emails to Outlook. Users can even directly Take Yahoo Email Backup On Your Personal Computer? Not only this, the utility allows you to import accounts from other email clients such as Thunderbird and Gmail into Outlook. It aims data security, keeps your data organized, and set up meetings online.

Bottom Lines

We have tried to enlighten all the possible manual methods to access Yahoo Mail from Outlook. In case, if you find any difficulties you can also opt for the automated solution described above. These solutions will help you in gaining access to your old Yahoo mails into your new interface.

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