How to Export Yahoo Mail to PST File Format?

In this article, we will learn how to export Yahoo mail to PST file format using the professional Yahoo Backup tool. By creating a Yahoo email backup, you can save Yahoo email to computer. For the manual method to export Yahoo mail to Outlook, see this article – How to Take Yahoo Email Backup On Your Personal Computer.

If you are looking for an automated solution to export Yahoo mail to PST file, you should use the Yahoo Backup tool provided by SysInfo Software. This tool is designed to export Yahoo email to different file formats and email clients, and Outlook PST is one of them. Download the Yahoo Backup tool from the official website of SysInfo Software and install it on your computer. The installation is very simple, and it does not take much time. Once the software is successfully installed, you can use it to export Yahoo Mail to PST file format.

Important Note

The Yahoo Backup tool requires you to log in to your Yahoo mail account. But you cannot use the password of your email account here. Instead, you need to generate a new password to get Yahoo mail third party access. Using that password, you can log in to your Yahoo mail account. For more information, see this article – How to Get Yahoo Mail Third Party Access.

Once you have the new password, you need to follow the steps shown below:

Use Yahoo Backup Tool to Export Yahoo Mail to PST Format

Step 1: First, double-click the software icon to launch the SysInfo Yahoo to PST Converter Tool. On the home screen, you need to enter the Yahoo email ID and the password you have recently generated. Then click the Login button.


Step 2: Now you need to select the file format into which you want to take Yahoo email backup. Since you want to export Yahoo mail to PST file format, select Outlook in the options.


Step 3: Click the Browse button next to the “Select Destination Folder” option and define a location where you want to save the newly created PST file. Note: The temporary folder path is defined by default. You can change it (optional). Then click Next to continue the process.


Step 4: You can now see the Yahoo mailbox in a tree-structure mode. Now select the folder(s) that you want to export to a PST file. You can also use the Date Filter option here. By using this feature, you can define a specific date range for saving the emails.


Step 5: There is an option – Naming Convention. This will rename the resultant PST file using the naming convention option you select.


Step 6: The software also allows you to free up the Yahoo mailbox space by deleting the data after downloading it. This is optional, and will only be applied when you select the Delete After Download option. After that, click Next to start the process.


Step 7: The process of “export Yahoo mail to Outlook” is being conducted on your computer. Please wait until it gets successfully completed.


Step 8: Once the process is completed, click OK and close the software application.



The article has explained the step by step process to export Yahoo mail to Outlook using the professional Yahoo Backup tool.

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