How to Repair Corrupted Outlook OST file?

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One of the most common query, how to repair corrupted outlook OST file asked by Outlook users.  What is preferred doing best to repair corrupted Outlook OST file?

This article explains how to repair corrupted Outlook OST file with and without using Outlook.  With Outlook we use the traditional process to restore corrupt Outlook OST file. Such as scanost.exe, which is not in action after Outlook 2010 update. But scanpst.exe do work in some situation to repair OST file. Without Outlook, the procedure generally requires the purchase of third-party OST File Recovery Software to repair/restore OST.

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Microsoft Outlook is preferred to be better email client when compared with other clients, which allows you to access emails from exchange server or any pop3 servers. When the outlook is configured on your system, there are two methods you get to directly access your Outlook emails. First accessing emails from your server while keeping a shadow copy of the emails on the local computer in the OST format. The second method is to download the emails directly to your local computer and which is saved as PST file.

Possible Reasons behind the corruption issues of Outlook OST file

Generally, the reasons for OST file Corruption are divided into two parts i.e. Hardware Issues and Software Issues. You must be aware of such issues to easy to handle if caused by the corruption issues.  The best cautions on corrupted OST files is to recover lost OST file or repair corrupted outlook OST file.

Hardware Issues

~ Power Failure

You may face sudden power failure while working with online OST. And such unexpected failure might result into losing of OST file. Sometimes, extra power supply enforced processor to shut down system abruptly also result into OST file corruption.

~Storage Drive Contaminated with Malicious

OST Corruption comes in action, when the storage drive in which you have the stored OST file may be contaminated with the malicious.  Due to which the performance of Outlook drops down.

~Network Device Failure

There is a possibility that networks used to access the internet on system fail due to which Internet connectivity lost. If this happens during the OST file synchronization with Exchange server then it will definitely result into inaccessible OST  file.

Software Issues

Software problems generally are logical errors caused by the viruses, malicious software, application download from untrusted source, exceed in size limit of OST file etc. If you are facing any of these errors, you will need to repair Outlook OST file or divide OST file into smaller files.

~Outlook Application Problem

Sometimes the internal Outlook codes may be the cause of frequent OST file corruption. Such kind of problems cannot be detected at the user end. It ought to be handled by the developer.

~Odd Application Termination

The current working window of Outlook program closed accidentally without saving data results into the corruption of Outlook data. In most of the cases the outlook application freezes or inaccessible itself.

~Installed Outlook Plug-ins

For more usability of Outlook, Some users installed plug-ins which affect the overall performance of Outlook application and also result in corruption of OST file in some cases.

Keep on reading the blog and solve your issues related to Outlook OST. One such issue is being discussed here, How to repair corrupted Outlook OST file.

How to Repair Corrupted Outlook OST file?

You must have heard, there is always a solution to a problem either the easy way or the hard way. So here we are going to repair OST file Outlook by resolving the errors due to corrupted OST files or damaged OST files.

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At Present, there no lack of ways by the use of which you can repair OST file Outlook. Restore your OST files using Manual Method and Software Method.

Manual Method: Repair Corrupted Outlook OST file

How to Repair Outlook OST file Manual

There was a lot of talk about the removal of scanost.exe after the Outlook 07 changed to Outlook 2010. Ideally, ScanOst was the one option before Outlook 2010. But after the change brought to Outlook 2010, the same issues can be solved by ScanPST (scanpst.exe).

ScanPST can be used repair both PST and OST File. ScanPst will check for all the errors and attempts to repair corrupted OST files. If unable to cannot repair it, you need to go for the Software method to repair OST file.

Software Method: OST file Recovery

Use of a software method helps to repair corrupt OST File easily, with little effort. The best thing about software is that; it is free from the manual intervention.

In such an advanced environment, there are numerous software fixes available in the market to recover lost OST file. SysInfo OST File Recovery is the fusion of Instant recovery and high-quality result.

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How to Repair OST File – Using Software

Step 1: Install SysInfo OST File Recovery. Now Launch it on your system.

Step 2: Click Open and select the OST file that needs to be repaired.

OST file Recovery Step

Select the recovery modes according to the level of corruption.

Step 3: Within a few seconds, the scanning process is completed. Click OK.

OST file Recovery step

Step 4: Now click any mailbox folder to start recovering data from it. Select the mailbox folders you want to save. Click Save.

Step OST file Recovery

Step 5: Click Browse and select a location where you want to save the recovered data. Select the file format of your choice, e.g. PST. Click OK to start the saving process.

OST file Recovery

Step 6: The saving process is being executed on your system.

OST file Recovery step

Step 7: After the saving is complete Click the OK button,  and now your OST file is Recovered.

OST file Recovery

Final Words

Outlook versions such as 2007 and 2003, the repair of corrupted outlook OST file was easy with the help of ScanOST. However, in new versions such as 2010, 2013, or above, this built-in ScanOST is absent. Therefore, you need to put an extra effort to repair OST File Outlook 2016. The above-stated methods are possible solutions that will help you repair corrupt OST File. You can use any method as per your easy.  I hope this blog about “How to Repair Corrupted Outlook OST file” has fulfilled your doubts. If you have doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section down below.

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