How to Repair Corrupt OST File in Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013?

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    August 16th, 2017
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Summary:-MS Outlook often crashes abruptly and the Outlook Offline OST Files get corrupted. There are some other reasons as well for OST file corruption like sudden power failure and abrupt system shutdown. So whatever may be the reason for OST File corruption, here you can explore 5 efficient methods to repair corrupt OST Files so that they become accessible. For a premium solution, you can try the OST Recovery Tool and recover the Possible data from a damaged OST file.

OST files are usually created when you have enabled the cached mode in your Outlook Account. They keep a record of the activities you perform while working in an Offline mode. But due to certain reasons, the OST files get corrupted and you can open Outlook Offline Data. You can’t even open any folders in the OST file if it is severely corrupted. Therefore, here you can see how ScanPST.exe and ScanOST.exe will help you to repair corrupt OST File. You can even make use of an automated tool to fix the OST corruption issue. Let’s move on to the reasons for OST Corruption and then discuss the methods to fix it.

Reasons for OST Corruptions

Generally, the reasons for OST file Corruption are divided into two parts i.e. Hardware Issues and Software Issues. You can explore both of them below:-

Hardware Issues

Check the Hardware issues that cause OST File Corruption

Power Failure

You may face sudden power failure while working with offline OST and such unexpected failure might result in loss of the OST file. Sometimes, an extra power supply enforced the processor to shut down the system abruptly resulting in OST file corruption.

Storage Drive Contaminated

OST Corruption comes into action when the storage drive in which you have the stored OST file might be corrupted. Due to this, the performance of Outlook drops down.

Network Device Failure

There is a possibility that networks used to access the internet on the system fail due to which Internet connectivity gets lost. If this happens during the OST file synchronization with the Exchange server then it will result in OST file corruption.

Software Issues

Software problems are logical errors caused by exceeding in size limit of the OST file. If you are facing this problem, you will need to repair the Outlook OST files or Split OST files into smaller files.

Outlook Application Problem

Sometimes the internal Outlook codes may be the cause of frequent OST file corruption. Such kind of problems cannot be detected at the user end. It ought to be handled by the developer.

Installed Outlook Plug-ins

For more usability of Outlook, Some users installed plug-ins that affect the overall performance of the Outlook application and also result in the corruption of OST files in some cases.

Top 5 Techniques to Fix OST Corruption in Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013

There are five effective ways to Repair Corrupt OST File problems are as follows:-

  • Use Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST Exe)
  • Use ScanOST.exe option
  • Re-create a New OST File
  • Run Outlook in Safe Mode
  • Use OST Recovery Tool

Fix Corrupt OST through Inbox Repair Tool

It is an in-built utility of MS Outlook that enables you to repair OST and PST files of MS Outlook. You can use this utility of MS Outlook to repair corrupt OST file and restore the data back to its original form. But the location of the ScanPST.exe utility might differ in various Outlook Versions like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. You can check the ScanPST.exe location below:-

Outlook Version Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) Location
In MS Outlook 2019

In MS Outlook 2016

In MS Outlook 2013

In MS Outlook 2010

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14


Steps to Repair Outlook Offline File through ScanPST.exe

  • Locate the Scanpst.exe tool in Outlook and Launch it.
  • Click on the Browse button and then choose the corrupted OST file.
  • Then on click the Start button to begin the recovery process.
  • Tick the Make a backup of the scanned file before fixing it option.
  • Finally, click on the Repair button and your problem might get fixed.

Use ScanOST.exe to Repair OST

You can follow the steps given below to fix the damaged OST file using this utility in Outlook 2007 and 2003.

  • Locate the scanost.exe and make right-click on it.
  • Then choose the option Run as Administrator.
  • Now you will have to select the profile containing the corrupt OST file.
  • Choose the folders for scanning or you can even scan all folders.
  • Then check the Repair errors checkbox.
  • Now click on the Begin Scan option and the scanning process will start for the corrupt OST file.
  • You will receive a message OST repaired successfully as a pop-up on your screen after the completion of the scanning process.
  • Finally, hit the OK button to complete the OST Recovery process.

Re-Create a New OST File

It often happens that you are unable to access the exchange account and it can be due to the unavailability of the server. If the OST file is unavailable or corrupted then you can recreate it.

The Process to Recreate OST File is:-

  1. First, you will have to press the Windows+R keys on your keyboard.
  2. Then on the next screen, you will have to enter or paste %LOCALAPPDATA%Microsoft\Outlook and press OK.
  3. This will identify all of the OST files that are currently available on your Windows machine. Right-click on the corrupt OST file and choose Delete.
  4. Now, launch Microsoft Outlook to generate a healthy OST file.

This method can help you to Repair Corrupt OST Files but it will be only effective if you have synchronized Outlook Folders to the Exchange Server otherwise don’t apply this method.

Start Outlook on Safe Mode

Sometimes any inappropriate add-in to the Outlook Account makes the OST file inaccessible and you cannot open it. So, starting MS Outlook in Safe Mode will disable all the add-ins that might be troubling in starting Outlook but they will not repair the corrupt OST files.

The Steps to Start Outlook in Safe Mode are:-

  1. Go to the Start menu on your PC or Laptop and Click on the Run option.
  2. Enter Outlook.exe/safe in the Run Box.
  3. Click OK to proceed further and your Outlook account will launch in safe mode.

This command will disable the add-in but it won’t fix OST File corruption. For severely corrupted OST Files, you will have to use an Automated tool to repair them.

Use OST Recovery Tool to Fix Corrupt OST in All Outlook Versions

You can use Professional OST Recovery Software to fix all types of corruption issues of the OST file. This software will help you to repair corrupt OST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013. You can follow the steps given below to fix the damaged OST File.

  1. Install SysInfo OST File Recovery. Now Launch it on your system.
  2. Click Open and select the OST file that needs to be repaired.Repair Corrupt OST File
  3. Select the recovery modes according to the level of corruption.
  4. Within a few seconds, the scanning process is completed. Click OK.Repair Corrupt OST File
  5. Now click any mailbox folder to start recovering data from it. Select the mailbox folders you want to save. Click Save.Repair Corrupt OST File
  6. Click Browse and select a location where you want to save the recovered data. Select the file format of your choice, e.g. PST. Click OK to start the saving process.
  7. The saving process is being executed on your system.
  8. After the saving is complete Click the OK button, and now your OST file is Recovered and repaired.Repair Corrupt OST File


Outlook versions such as 2007 and 2003, the repair of corrupted outlook OST files was easy with the help of ScanOST. However, in new versions such as 2010, 2013, or above, this built-in ScanOST is absent. Therefore, you need to put extra effort to repair corrupt OST File Outlook 2016. The above-stated methods are possible solutions that will help you repair damaged OST Files.

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