How To Recover Deleted Items In Outlook For Free

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Accidental deletion or deleting a file / a folder intentionally without realizing its usefulness is what most of us have faced it or might face. And recovering these files is not that easy also.

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So now the question which most of Microsoft Outlook users face is “How to recover deleted items in Outlook?”

And with this article, I would be telling you some free procedures with which you can recover deleted items in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016.

So Keep Reading.

If you delete any email or a file from Outlook mailbox, there are good chances that you will be able to recover it. The first place, you should look for your deleted MS Outlook files is in “Trash” or in the “Deleted Items” folder. You may find it there. If you don’t find any such file then you may look for files in “Recoverable Items” folder. If you don’t know how to access Recoverable Items folder then you can use Recover Deleted Items Tool for an easy access.

In both the cases you cannot find your file… then the question still remains the same and that is:

How To Recover Deleted Items In Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016?

Now to resolve your issue, I would be telling you a step by step procedure recover permanently deleted Outlook items and files.

But first you need to figure out, where your file is:

Recover Deleted Items In Outlook That’s Still In Your Deleted Item’s Folder (For Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016)

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to your email folder list and then hover to “Deleted Items”
    recover deleted items in Outlook 2013
  3. Now browse and locate your email that you have accidentally deleted. As soon you found the email message, right click on it and click on Move – Other Folder
    recover deleted items in Outlook 2010
  4. If you want to transfer or move the message to your inbox then select “Inbox”
    how to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook 2010

How To Recover Deleted Appointments, Events, Contacts, and Tasks

Recovering deleted email items is kind of same like emails that we have seen above.

  • To Recover deleted Calendar items: right click on it – Move – Other Folder – Calendar
  • To recover deleted Outlook contacts: right click on the file – Move – Other Folder – Contacts
  • And if you are looking to recover Outlook tasks: right click on the file – Move – Other Folder – Tasks.
    how to recover deleted items in Outlook

This is how to recover deleted items in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016

Recover Permanently Deleted Items That’s Not There In Deleted Item’s Folder

So if you can’t find your deleted item in your Deleted Items Folder then you might have to go for another way to recover deleted files in MS Outlook.

In this techniques, we will be recovering your files from Server. And with this technique you will be able to restore deleted files in Outlook even if you did these following mistakes:

  • Have deleted an item even from the deleted folder intentionally or unintentionally
  • Have emptied your deleted folder
  • Or have deleted your files permanently by using Shift+Delete

Here is how you can restore deleted Outlook files and folders:

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Go to your email folder list
  3. Now click on “Deleted Items” (making sure “Home” is clicked/selected)
  4. Now on your top click on “Recover Deleted Items From Server “
    how to recover deleted items in Outlook
    Note: If “Recover Deleted Items From Server” doesn’t show up or is grayed out. Then most probably, you are working in offline mode. SO would suggest you to start working in online mode to make this technique work.
  5. Browse and locate the file in the list and click on “Restore Selected Items” and click “Ok”
    Recover deleted items in Outlook

Tip: You can recover all your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and other email items from the server with this technique.

Where Do Recovered Items Go After Restoration

When you restore your items from ” Recover Deleted Items From Server” they automatically move to your Deleted Items folder. So after following this process, you need to go to your Deleted Items Folder. And from there you need to move those files in their respective folders.

Note: All your calendar, files, contacts, tasks, appointments including emails is also moved to Deleted Items Folder. And to restore those files you have to follow the same process as mentioned above.

Small Tips & Tricks To Restore Deleted Files Efficiently

how to recover deleted items in Outlook
  1. You can sort and locate a specific file in your huge deleted file list by sorting it out with Subject, Deleted On and even with
    Note: The “Deleted On” date signifies the date on which the file has been permanently deleted from your system or from the Deleted Items Folder.
  2. All email items like contacts, tasks, calendars are represented with the help of same envelope icon.
  3. If you are looking for an email from a specific contact and couldn’t locate it. Then I would suggest you sort the list by “Subject” column and then look for the email or the name of the person.
  4. If you are looking for a task or any calendar appointment that you might have deleted. Then I would advise you to sort the list by the “From” column and then try to look for your name.
  5. This technique also allows users to restore multiple files at a time. To do that, just click on each file and messages holding down Ctrl You may also restore multiple adjacent emails or files by clicking the first item keeping Shift key under hold and then clicking the final item in the list that you want to restore.

Unfortunately, if you can’t see or locate any particular file in the server then there are great chances that it has been permanently deleted. And now cannot be restored using this technique.

How To Restore Files If Manual Techniques Doesn’t Work

If these techniques don’t work or you can locate your files on the server then the only way you can recover deleted items in Outlook is by using a PST Recovery Tool.

Even if you Google it, you will find a lot of tools to restore your PST files. But if you are looking for a suggestion, as selecting one is hard in this list of so many recovery software. I would refer you to go for the below software:

Tool Name: PST File Repair Tool
Version: 7.0

This is one of the most advanced recovery software in the market. It can not only recover emails but it also helps users to restore your deleted contacts, calendars, tasks and so on. Plus it can also recover PST files of up to 80GB. With this, it also let users tosave these recovered files in different formats like PST, MSG, DBX, EML and MBOX.

And the best part is, that it has one of the most simple to understand and easy GUI so that even a nontechnical user can also use it with any prior technical knowledge. You can also download their free version to evaluate its effectiveness.

But being an expert, I would always suggest you go for manual techniques to recover deleted items in Outlook. If these techniques doesn’t work, then only go for this tool.

Hope now your question “how to recover deleted items in Outlook” is resolved.

Hope you guys liked it… For any suggestion or addition, you may mention it in the comment section

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