How to Recover Deleted Folder in Windows 10

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    August 28th, 2019
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    February 23, 2021
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Sometimes we accidentally delete the crucial files in Windows and later on, we want them back. The accidental deletion could be the major cause of data loss. But you need not worry at all as in this article, I’ll be providing different ways to recover deleted folders in Windows 10. So, here we go.

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How Files are Deleted in Windows?

When we delete a file in Windows, it usually moves to the recycle bin folder. In case, you accidentally delete a file or folder in Windows, you can easily restore the file or folder from the recycle bin within a few clicks. 

If you have deleted a file using Shift+Delete key combination, then you will need either a backup or a data recovery software to get the deleted files back. In addition, when you have used a system cleaner app or emptied the recycle bin folder, the deleted files are permanently lost.

Methods to Recover Deleted Folder in Windows

Here, I have mentioned some of the techniques to recover accidentally deleted files in Windows 10.

Method 1: Check into the Recycle Bin

  • First of all, open the Recycle Bin folder.
  • Then find the lost file in the Recycle Bin folder.
  • After that, Right-click on the file or the folder, and click Restore.
  • Now, the file or the folder will be restored to its original location. Alternatively, you can select a cut and then paste the file at your desired location.
  • Next, you have to change the Recycle Bin properties.
  • Right-click on Recycle Bin > Properties – to prevent permanent file deletion without confirmation.

Method 2: By using Backup

First, you are required to check the recent backup if you are using Windows Backup and you can restore all the deleted files in Windows.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover data from a backup. You need to connect the backup storage media to your PC.

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Then go to System and Security >> Backup And Restore
  • Now, click on Restore my files and follow the wizard to restore your lost files.

In case, Restore my files isn’t visible then you have to click on ‘Select another backup to restore files from’ and follow the restore wizard.

Method 3: Recover deleted folder from previous versions

When you have deleted a file or a folder with Shift+Delete Key then you can easily recover the permanently deleted data in Windows. This can be accomplished by using previous versions if you remember the name of the deleted file or a folder. Just follow the given below steps:

  1. First of all, you need to create a new file or folder on the desktop. Then give it the same name as the deleted file or folder.
  2. You have to Right-click on the new file and select “restore previous versions”. Now, Windows will list the previous versions of files or folders with the names along with their associated dates.
  3. Now, choose the latest one and click on “Restore” to undo the deletion and get your files back.

Method 4: Using Professional Tool

The manual techniques are only applicable if you have deleted the files from the desktop. But in case, if it has been deleted from an external device and the manual solutions fail to get back your data then you must opt for Professional solutions like Windows Data Recovery. This utility can restore windows data from any kind of storage device like SD Card, USB, DVD, CD, Physical Drives and other media storage. It also supports hard drive data recovery after accidental formation and has got different recovery modes like Standard and Advanced depending on the level of corruption. 


In the given article, I have described the best ways to recover unsaved word documents in Windows. The techniques include the manual methods as well as the Professional Solution. Now, it’s your decision to select the right one for you.

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