How to Add Page Number in PDF Online Without any Software?

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    March 18th, 2019
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    October 6, 2020
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Sometimes it becomes difficult for the PDF users to add a page number on the different pages of a PDF file. It becomes confusing for the reader to locate the particular content on a PDF file if it does not have a page number. If someone refers to a particular page then it is hard to find. So, therefore, it becomes necessary for the individual to allocate a series of number on every page of a PDF file.

Is it possible to add page number in PDF file manually?

Well, I think it is possible to allocate new page numbers in a PDF file without using any software. I am going to tell you the various methods through which you can add numbers to the pages by yourself. You can add numbers or bates to the PDF by using Adobe Acrobat and MS Word. Lets continue to learn the procedure of How to add page numbers in PDF Document without using any third party tool.

Various Methods to Add Page Numbers to PDF Files

There are some tricks which I am going to tell you about paginating a PDF document.

By Using Adobe Acrobat

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat.
  • Add the PDF Document which you want to paginate.
  • Click on Tools on the top-right corner.
  • Now Click on Pages option to open the drop-down
  • From the drop-down list select Header and Footer Option-click on add.
  • Add Header and Footer window will open in front of you.
  • From the window click on the Insert Page Number
  • You can choose the position according to your choice. The page number can appear on left, right or center header or left, right or center footer.
  • Once you have written the page number Click on OK.

add number to the pdf

Now the page number will appear on the page according to the position that you had chosen. So you can easily add page numbers on different pages of a PDF file. But I think it is a time taking task because you have to apply the same step on every page of PDF. So you can try the next alternative.

By Using MS Word

  • Open MS Word Blank Document.
  • Copy the content from the PDF and Paste it into the Word file.
  • Now Click on Insert Tab and Click on Page Number.

add bates numbering to pdf

  • From the drop-down list Select the position either Top or Bottom.

how to add numbering in pdf file

  • Now Select the position Left, Center or Right where you want to display your page number.

pdf bates numbering

  • Go to File Tab and Click on Save As.
  • In the Save As Type choose PDF and click on Save.

how to tips

It is a simple way to allocate page numbers in PDF files manually. Once you will save the created word file as PDF then automatically all the page numbers will appear in that PDF file.

Try Online Software

Another way out is to try the online software, where you just have to upload the PDF file and the software will automatically allot page numbers on the different pages of PDF file. But there is a risk of corruption and these online software cannot be trusted blindly. So first read all the features then only upload your PDF file on their website. Also this blog is certainly dedicated to let you know how to add page numbers in PDF file without any software so we would not promoting any third party services.


Now I would like to wrap up the things. I have told you two different methods that you can apply to paginate a PDF document manually. If you want to reduce your efforts then you can go for the free online tools but they are not 100% authentic and genuine. There are chances of corruption and data leakage. It is better to do the task manually rather than depending upon a free unauthentic software.

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