FREE Methods to Recover Photoshop File After a Crash

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    October 22nd, 2018
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    March 3, 2021
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Today, with this blog, we will discuss what are the free methods to recover photoshop files after a crash.
Photoshop is the most popular and loved application used for high-end photo editing. However, like every software, it crashes down every now and then. And sometimes designers forget to save their file while working, which becomes agonizing in such case of a crash. To overcome this type of scenarios Adobe Photoshop CS6 added a feature of auto-recovery. This feature can restore the unsaved files after a crash.

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If you are a professional designer or a student, you must have lost your PSD file at one point. And I can relate how it feels to lose something you have been working on. So if you have recently lost your file due to crash or deleted it unintentionally, there are still good chances that you can recovery you PSD file. There are several hacks that you can use to revive your lost PSD files. Also, if you don’t have time then you take advantage of a PSD file recovery software which is exclusively designed to recover photoshop file after a crash, lost or deleted.

Let’s dive and discover the methods to recover photoshop file(PSD) after a crash

Method 1: Recover PSD file with “Open Recent” tab:

PSD Recovery

Use “open recent” tab to restore files as it was. Follow these footprints to restore photoshop file (PSD) after a system crash.
1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
2. Now click on the File menu and select “Open recent” from the drop-down.

3. All your recent files will appear right in front of you.
4. Now all you need to do is just click on the required PSD file and restore it back.

Method 2: Use backup to restore PSD files

As we always recommend everyone to create a backup of your files as you never know when and how you can lose your valuable data. Therefore, it is always requested and suggested to make a backup of everything. You can use Windows backup utility to create a backup of PSD or save it to some external device.
So, if you have created a backup of your PSD file, then it would be only a matter of seconds to recover the PSD file. Just follow these steps:
1. Right click on the “My Computer” logo and select “Properties”
2. Now from the left panel select “System Protection”
3. In “Protection Settings”, make sure that it is “ON”


4. Now click on the “Create Restore Point”, and enter the name and tap ok to restore your PSD files.

Method 3: Use temp files to recover PSD files after a crash

Another method to recover Photoshop files is using temp files in case of a crash or system failure. Simply follow these steps to restore crashed PSD files.
1. Open your hard drive where you have saved your PSD file previously.
2. Now, navigate to “Documents and Settings.”
3. Go to the folder with your username and then go to Local settings
4. And then “Temp” folder and look for your PSD file.
5. Once located open them in Photoshop.
6. At last, change the extension from .temp to .psd and save. It will recover your PSD file.

Method 4: PSD File Recovery Software

The above three are the manual and free methods which can eradicate your problems. However, there are 50-50 chances, that they will work or not. So, in case if none of the above methods work out for you can use a Photoshop file recovery software and recover all your PSD file at once.
1. Repair PSD Files, PSB files and PDD files
2. Recover PSD files including all constituent layers
3. Bulk Recovery of PSD, PDD and PSB files
4. Supports Adobe Photoshop versions CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1


There are some things which cannot be controlled like system crash or file corruption. But these inevitable situations can be fixed by simple tricks and hacks. However, if the hacks do not recover photoshop the file after a crash, then you can direct toward a PSD file recovery software. It is safe and easy to use. There is a free demo of this tool, so I highly recommend giving a try to this tool and see results yourself.

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