Methods to Fix Invalid and Corrupt Zip File for Free

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    December 23rd, 2013
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    July 18, 2022
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Summary:-Managing too many files and sending them together via mail is quite tedious these days so zipping the file is the only option for the users. But many users are facing corruption issues in Zip files; therefore, in this article, we will tell you the techniques through which you can easily fix invalid and corrupt ZIP files. However, you can also use the Zip Repair Tool to repair corrupt & inaccessible ZIP files generated by WinRAR, WinZip, or any other utility. 

I am sure you are facing the error shown below, and that’s why you are here. Well, don’t worry because there is a manual solution through which you can easily fix the corruption issues of the zip files.

Steps to Fix Invalid and Corrupted Zip Files Manually

Follow the steps given below to fix the invalid and corrupt Zip file for free:

  • Open the WinRar application on your PC.
  • Click on the File tab and then click on Open archive or press Ctrl+O.
  • A new small window, Find archive, will appear.
  • Now locate your damaged ZIP file from the system directory and then click on Open.
  • Click on the Tools tab, Repair archive, or press Alt+R.
  • Again a new small window Repairing zip will appear.
  • Now Browse the location where you want to save the new repaired archive.
  • The box treats the corrupt archive as ZIPis checked by default. But if it is not, then do check it.
  • Click on OK. The repairing process of the selected archive will be started.
  • Once it is completed, click on Close.

But sometimes, the WinRAR application fails to repair invalid ZIP files if the archive is severely corrupted or damaged. In such a situation, you have one more solution other than WinRAR. You can use Sysinfo ZIP Recovery Software as it supports the recovery of corrupt ZIP archives. 

Best Alternative to Repair Damaged ZIP File

SysInfo ZIP File Repair tool is an efficient and trusted utility to extract all data from corrupt, inaccessible and compressed ZIP files. The highly reliable software fixes corrupt or inaccessible .zip files created using WinRAR, WinZip, or any other utility. It is one of the best tools to repair corrupt Zip files if they are Spanned or Split. 

Simple Steps to Fix Invalid and Corrupted Zip File

  1. Launch Zip Recovery Software.
  2. Select the option Single for adding a Single Corrupt File or Multiple for adding multiple Zip Files, and then Click on Browse.
  3. browse the corrupt zip file
  4. Once you add the corrupt Zip file, click on the Next Button.
  5. Here you have to Choose the Recovery Mode According to the Severity of corruption and then click on the Next Button to Continue.
  6. Now, all the files in the ZIP file will appear in front of you. Select the files which you want to save and then click Next.
  7. Browse the Saving location where you want to Save the Recovered ZIP file.
  8. The Saving process will start, and you can view the progress in the bar.
  9. After completing the Saving process, you’ll get a Confirmation Message.

Now you can go straight to the saving location and see all the recovered data from the ZIP file. It is how you can fix corrupt ZIP files and access all the data.


Finally, you have the manual and professional methods to repair corrupted ZIP files. Now, the ball is in your coat, and you must decide which method best suits your issue. If you are a non-technical user, then I suggest you avoid the manual method because there is a lot of risk of data loss. The professional is authentic, and there is a full assurance of complete recovery of Zip files. I hope all your issues are resolved with the help of this blog.

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