Steps to Export Lotus Notes Emails to EML Messages

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    November 9th, 2016
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Undoubtedly, Lotus Notes is one of the best email-client application that offers a wide range of contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, and other collaboration interface features with security. All Lotus Notes data are saved in the form of .nsf file format. Well, NSF stands for Notes Storage Format that stores all Lotus Notes files in the form of database and it is hosted by Lotus Domino server that helps to work offline as well as Online.

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Why Do We Need to Convert NSF Files into EML Files?

As we all know, Lotus Notes is an amazing, sophisticated and exclusive email-client application that provides phenomenal E-communications features. Lotus Notes uses NSF files to save all the data of Emails, Contacts, Calendar, and Task. These NSF files are used to replicate data to the server i.e. Domino, once we get online and provide better work performance. But, due to its limitations, NSF files can’t be shared:

  • NSF files can’t be accessed on other platforms like Outlook Express or Outlook.
  • Due to high-cost, it can’t be affordable easily by small organizations
  • To handle Lotus Notes application, one must belong to technical background.
  • Encrypted NSF files only open in IBM Notes software only.

How to Convert Lotus Notes Emails to EML file?

Following are the two methods to save NSF emails to EML files format:

Method I:

  • Open Lotus Notes and select the desired emails that you wants to save in EML
lotus notes emails to eml
  • Now, Press File-> click Save As
  • Choose File Name -> Tap on Save option
nsf to eml

The selected email will now get converted into EML file format.

Method II:

  • Go to Home page.
  • Click File -> Press Preferences option.
lotus notes to eml
  • After that, choose the Basic Notes Client Configuration option.
NSF to eml message
  • In the bottom, there is Additional options section, just choose Drag and drop-> then saves as -> eml file option.
lotus notes emails to eml

Once it’s done, you can easily drag and drop all the emails from Lotus Notes. It will automatically get saved as EML file

Drawbacks of Manual Conversion

Every application has its pros and cons. So, here is some limitation that you may face during the conversion of the data file from Lotus Notes emails to EML file such as:

  • Both, method 1 and method 2 will work only to convert single Lotus Note email to EML file at a time.
  • The conversion process only runs on Lotus Notes version 8.5 and above.
  • Converts one file at a time i.e. can’t convert all the Lotus files together.
  • If the process gets stopped due to a power cut or any reason then the data may get corrupted or lead to data loss issue.

If you are having single mail to convert in EML file then follow the procedure linearly as explained above. In case if anyone needs to export Lotus Notes emails to EML messages in bulk then they should go for a third-party tool such as NSF to EML converter for easy and instant results.

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