What is an OST and PST File and Difference Between Them

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    December 2nd, 2017
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Summary:-The basic difference between OST and PST is that OST files are used to save data for offline use and are stored in MS Exchange Server. Whereas PST files are personal folder data stored on the client’s hard disk. Microsoft is a renowned company that has a bag full of applications and utility tools. And one of the most famous applications is MS Office suite. MS Office suite consists of a large number of useful applications like PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel, and Access which are used by almost all users.


One of the most popular applications of MS Office suite is MS Outlook. It is a personal information manager designed for MS Windows and MAC. A first, it has been designed to work as an email client but due to its plethora of features like creating tasks, calendars, journals, note taking and even web browsing, it can also be used with Microsoft Exchange server and even with SharePoint server or even can be used to share multiple files or documents by multiple users in an organization.

Being an email client MS Outlook stores all kinds of data like emails, attachments, calendars, journals, tasks, and so on. And OST & PST are the file formats used by Microsoft Outlook to save all your data mentioned above. Moreover, you can also convert OST to PST in Outlook by using different techniques.

What Is OST File?

OST is your offline folder in MS Outlook. These files make it possible for Outlook to be used even in offline mode and to sync automatically when connected to the internet. It is used in the Exchange environment by using the MS Exchange server. This feature enables users to read, compose, delete, and even reply to emails that too in offline mode. Download below to view OST files for free.


What Is PST File?

Whereas PST files are also known as Personal Storage Tables and are not used in the MS Exchange server. As mentioned earlier, it is stored on servers except for the Exchange server and on users’ hard disks. IMAP and even HTTP use PST file folders. So emails that are sent or received and attached to them are stored in PST format. Even your emails, calendars, journals, contacts, and other mailbox items that are locally stored are also saved in .pst format. Download below to view PST files for free.


Difference Between OST and PST (A Brief Summary)

  1. OST is an offline storage folder whereas PST can be termed as a personal or online storage folder.
  2. OST files can be used even when your Outlook is in online mode whereas PST is a Personal storage table used for locally stored data and files
  3. OST files only support the Microsoft Exchange server whereas PST files can be used with Exchange setup but are not recommended. Apart from the Exchange server, it is also compatible with other servers.
  4. OST files enable users the option to read, view, reply and compose emails even in offline mode whereas PST files don’t have this facility.

So here was the difference between OST and PST files.

I discussed here the difference between OST and PST files. I hope now you know What OST files and PST files are and their differences. You can perform the OST Recovery if it is corrupted or inaccessible.

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