Convert MDF To SQL Script With These 2 Easy Techniques

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    May 4th, 2018
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Article Summary: Many of my readers always ask me how to convert MDF to SQL script for free. As there are no such details available over the internet to crack this unanswered puzzle. So today, with this article I will tell you 5 steps with which you can easily convert MDF files into SQL script of SQL database. So to know more keep reading

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SQL database is one of the of the most used database by many corporations and businesses. Due to the features it provides, it has become one of the sought-after application in recent times.
Since SQL is basically a database which is used to manage a lot of data and files, the database becomes huge and prone to corruption.

Now the question is then what is MDF files?

Being a database which includes complete information of rows and column field, there has to be a format in which SQL stores its data. So SQL database basically stores all your data in .mdf file extension. You cannot open the MDF files which ultimately provides a complete security on data breaching and so on.

Reasons For MDF to SQL Script Conversion

There are two major reasons due to which many users look out for a good tool or application to convert MDF files into SQL scripts:

  1. MDF files are unreadable and due to this fact, a user cannot open, read and view .mdf files. So the only way to read or open MDF files is by converting it into SQL scripts.
  2. The second major reason is MDF file corruption. There are scenarios when your MDF files face corruption and make your data inaccessible. There can be various reasons like Power failure, virus attack, hardware failure and even human error. So the only way to get out of this is by converting the files.

Now let’s see:

How to convert MDF file into SQL script

As far I know, there are two methods through which we can convert MDF files into SQL scripts.

Method 01: Manual Technique

Step 1: Click on ‘Start’ – All programs – SQL Server – SQL Server Management Studio
Step 2: Now go to SQL Server name and clock on the left side of the screen and then click on New Query>
Step 3: Copy the command code into the SQL command console
Step 4: Now replace the old database with the new one and rename it.
Step 5: And press F5 to execute the process.

After the complete process is completed your MDF files are finally converted into SQL scripts.

Method 02: Using a software

Unfortunately, the manual method can be a little bit cumbersome and complex, however, can do the job perfectly if you know how to do it. But there is one more way through which you can easily convert your MDB files easily. So the last method is by using a good recovery tool. These tools basically help users to recover the files and convert the files without any glitch.

One such tool is MDF File Converter.

You can even download the free version from here and can use it as per your like. Learn what to do if MySQL Table is Marked as Crashed and should be Repaired InnoDB

Hope you liked the article.
And if you have any questions or want to add something kindly mention it in the comment section.

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