Backup iCloud Files, Emails & Photos to External Hard Drive

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    May 24th, 2023
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Summary:- Apple iCloud provides a free space of 5 GBs and when the storage space gets full, you will have to purchase more cloud space. So, Apple iCloud users prefer backing up the iCloud files to their external hard drives and then deleting the iCloud data to create some space. Therefore, here you can explore various techniques to backup iCloud to external hard drive including all types of files present on the cloud. You can make use of the Sysinfo iCloud Backup Tool if you are willing to download only emails to your external hard drive.

Why do Apple Users Backup iCloud Files?

There are two major reasons for downloading and backing up all the files and folders from iCloud and they are the Storage Space and a Precautionary Move.

Storage Space

You must be aware of the fact that iCloud provided a free space of only 5 GBs and if you want to expand this space then you will have to buy their storage plans. Therefore, to avoid extra expense on storage plans, iCloud users backup all files from their iCloud account to a Hard drive and then delete those files from iCloud to create some space.

Precautionary Move

Accidental deletion or account hacking is also one of the major concerns for iCloud users. So, as a precautionary move, they backup iCloud to external hard drive. If in the future any mishappening occurs, they can retrieve the iCloud data from the external hard drive backup.

Different Methods for iCloud Data Backup to Hard Drive

You can store a lot of data on your iCloud space whether they are emails, photos, or any other file. So, by making the iCloud login on any web browser, you can download iCloud items to the drive. Here are some of the simple ways to backup iCloud to external hard drive.

Before you implement the following steps, make sure you connect your external drive to the PC or Laptop from which you are taking the backup.

Download iCloud Files to External Drive

You can follow the steps given below for backing up files present on your iCloud Account:-

  • Open in any browser on your laptop and log in with your iCloud credentials.
  • Then access your iCloud Drive through the iCloud Drive button.
  • Open any folder whether Desktop, Documents, or Downloads.
  • Finally, select the iCloud items you want to backup and define the location of your external hard drive.

Note: You can only backup individual files and not all of them at once.

Use Sync Feature for iCloud Backup

  • Open iCloud’s website on your Mac Device and log in using your credentials.
  • Make sure that you turned on the iCloud Drive.
  • Now iCloud will synchronize with your device.
  • Once your iCloud is synchronized with your device, you can open Finder and click on the iCloud Drive option.
  • Then you can save iCloud files and folders and move them to your external hard drive.

Save iCloud Photos to External Hard Drive

  • Launch any browser on your PC and open
  • Use your iCloud Credentials and log in.
  • Now click on the Photos icon once you are logged in to your iCloud account.
  • Then download the Photos on your PC or Laptop.
  • Once all the iCloud Photos are downloaded, plug in your Hard Drive and then move all the iCloud Photos to your external hard drive.

Backup iCloud Emails to External Drive on Mac

In order to backup iCloud Emails to External Hard Drive, you will have to use the Sysinfo iCloud Email Backup Tool. This software is automated and it can backup thousands of iCloud Emails to your Hard Drive together because saving iCloud emails one by one will be tedious.

Here are some simple steps that you can apply to download iCloud emails in bulk to your hard drive and make sure your external hard drive is connected to the PC or Laptop.

  • Download and Launch Sysinfo iCloud Email Backup Tool.
  • Enter your iCloud Email Address and Password.
  • Now you will be able to Preview all iCloud Emails.
  • Mark the iCloud Emails that you want to backup to Hard Drive.
  • Then choose the Saving Option as PDF.
  • Click on the Path to Save button and give the path to your External Hard Drive.
  • Finally, click on the Convert button and all your iCloud emails will be backed up to your hard drive.


So, you have seen that there are multiple ways to backup iCloud to external hard drive. The methods for iCloud backup might differ from files to emails to photos but in the end, you will be able to backup all iCloud items. Now you can decide which iCloud item you want to backup and choose the method accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the quickest process to backup only iCloud Emails to Hard Drive?

Ans – In order to backup iCloud to a hard drive you will have to Launch Sysinfo iCloud Email Backup Tool>Provide your iCloud Credentials>Choose Emails>Choose Saving Format>Define Location to Hard Drive>Backup iCloud Emails.

Q. Is it safe to use the iCloud Email Backup Tool?

Ans – Yes, it is safe to use the iCloud Backup Tool and it smoothly Runs on all versions of Windows and Mac.

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