10 Major Errors in Outlook and their Simple Solutions

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    August 26th, 2019
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MS Outlook is surrounded with a lot of errors and therefore in this article, I’ll share some major errors in Outlook which are usually encountered by Outlook users. Not only I’ll discuss errors but I’ll also give you the solutions that how you can deal with those errors. Many users are also unable to identify the error and they perform some unnecessary efforts which result in Data loss. So, once you are able to identify these error then I hope you’ll not do the mistake of fixing the errors by random tricks.

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Ten Common Errors in Microsoft Outlook

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

  • This error occurs when the user’s target machine is invalid or sometimes the user enters an incorrect IP address which leads to such errors.

“Error Codes 0x80070002and0x8004210B

  • 0x80070002error occurs when the user adds or Set up a new Outlook account.
  • 0x8004210B error occurs when the user tries to send emails on Outlook.

Error 0x800ccc19

  • The main reason for the occurrence of this error is the server doesn’t responses to Outlook.

Error Code 0x800ccc0d

  • This error usually occurs when there is some problem in the Account Settings. It doesn’t allow the user to send and receive emails on Outlook.

Cannot start MS Outlook

  • Sometimes due to some problem in the navigation pane settings, this error occurs and the Outlook shows corruption when it indicates that the file size is 0KB.

Outlook PST File is not a personal Folder File

  • The genuine reason for this error is PST file corruption and abrupt shutdown of the system.

Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

  • When the user downloads and saves Outlook Emails into PC then he usually faces this error. PST file corruption is the main reason for this error.

POP server Error 0x8004210a

  • This error occurs when the Email Server doesn’t respond to the POP Server.

0x800CCC0F Error Code

  • 0x800CCC0 error usually occurs when the antivirus firewall is active in MS Outlook.

The file username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed error

  • When the user accesses an Offline OST file and at the same time any external application conflicts MS Outlook then it leads to this error.

Well, I have told you 10 Common errors in Outlook which occurs in day to day operations of Outlook. But this blog is not only limited to errors because I’ll tell you the various techniques which can help you to fix all the errors.

Reasons Behind Outlook Errors

  • Incorrect or Invalid Outlook Account Settings.
  • Outlook PST file has reached its maximum limit of storing emails.
  • Some internal application is conflicting MS Outlook.
  • MS Office is not installed properly on the system.
  • The user is entering the invalid Outlook Credentials.
  • Virus attacks in the computer system and abrupt system shutdown.

Fixes For Microsoft Outlook Errors

Check Internet Connection

First of all, you must see whether you have a good internet connection or not and your computer system must be properly connected to internet services. Inspect all the network cables and fix it if they are broken.

Remove Unnecessary Emails

Overcrowded emails in the Outlook Mailbox are the main reason for the occurrence of these errors. Therefore you must delete emails from the mailbox which are occupying unnecessary spaces into the Outlook Mailbox.

Reinstall Outlook Application

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling MS Outlook Resolves the minor errors of MS Outlook.

Inspect Antivirus Settings

 Sometimes the antivirus programs conflict the smooth performance of MS Outlook and lead to the occurrence of the error. Therefore customizing the antivirus settings will enable you to work properly on MS Outlook without facing any error.

Try Inbox Repair Tool

The inbox repair tool is also known as ScanPST.exe which is an inbuilt utility of MS Outlook used for repairing corrupt PST files. As you have seen the main reasons for all the errors is PST file corruption. So, therefore, these errors can be resolved if all the PST file of MS Outlook are repaired. The Inbox Repair Tool can execute this task easily. But if in case the PST file is severely corrupted then even the ScanPST.exe fails to repair the PST File.

SysInfoTools PST Repair Tool – Most Recommended

I want to suggest you a third party tool because the ScanPST.exe cannot repair severely corrupted PST File, therefore, the only option left with you is SysInfoTools PST File Repair tool which can repair all the level of PST file corruption. This software solution is fast and it recovers all the items from the PST file.


Now, you know all the common Outlook Errors which occurs frequently and the methods to fix them. If I’ll summarize one reason for all the errors then it is PST file corruption. So, before you lose all your Outlook Data files, it is better to repair those PST files. I hope you liked this article.

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