"Outlook Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560" A Recover Guide

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How to Fix Outlook Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 - A Recover Guide

MS Outlook is providing the promising platform to the connectivity between two organization. But because of some error, all productivity of the software takes a different scenario. A more troubling factor to work with the software is to tackle or resolve the error issues if they occur. Similarly, there is an Outlook 2016 error 800ccc0e-0-0-560, this appears mostly when there is a synchronizing issue! Hence, we have come up with the solution to resolve the error quickly.

In This Blog, we will give a complete understanding of the Symptoms and Reasons for the errors and also, we'll discuss some methods to fix Outlook error synchronizing folder 800ccc0e-0-0-560 in a simpler manner.

What causes the issue?

Without any doubt, we can understand that it includes many factors for such an error. But, To be true Outlook error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 is a very critical issue by which complete Outlook profile may get damaged. Let us put some light on the possible reasons behind this issue.

  • IMAP account have not sync properly
  • Presence of some Corrupt PST files in an Outlook profile
  • Incorrect or improper account settings
  • Insufficient System storage
  • Outlook PST file got oversized

What does this issue affect?

The system displaying the error synchronizing folder [8004df03-0-0-560] means MS Outlook has encountered the synchronizing issue. It means the IMAP folders have not successfully synchronized properly, therefore, it blocks you from send and receive the new emails from your account. The error will be like as follows

IMAP folders have not successfully synchronized

Also, it affects the speed of the system. The speed of the PC gets slows down and it can happen that Microsoft Outlook may get crashed because of this issue. Hence, we should rectify the error fast and go for the solution as soon as possible as it includes all the important and confidential data.

A guide to recover the Outlook 2016 error 800ccc0e-0-0-560

There are two basic solutions by which you can fix the error more safely and easily. Both of them have been discussed in detail, do follow each step properly.

1. Manual Approach

Follow the given steps correctly and fix the issue now

  1. Go to account settings--- Select --- IMAP account--- Now Select Email Account---- Select "Change"
  2. Select Manual Setup of the Server
  3. Now Go to tab for rightmost on the screen--- Here you can see the port configuration for the server (e.g. SSL,...)
  4. Select the path to the IMAP folder empty
  5. Enter "EMPTY" in the field
  6. Finish

Now, Restart the system and check whether the error is solved or not! If not then no need to worry, as we have a better plan to resolve the issue for free and that is by using the third party tool.

2. Free Tool To resolve the Issue

Basically, to follow the manual steps it requires some technical knowledge to cover each step correctly. Hence, it is strongly preferable to opt the third party software. The Best tool for this issue is SysInfoTools PST Recovery Software. This software will guide you each and every step in a systematic manner just you need to select the appropriate option according to your requirement and get rid of the error for free.

Key features
  • Complete Recovery of damaged, corrupt and readable Outlook files
  • Date Range Filter allows you to delete the unwanted data directly
  • Auto Search option helps to search and locate the files from the preview panel directly
  • Highly compatible with all the major version of Windows-based Operating System
Final Word

Like other email platforms, MS Outlook also faces some or the other, random errors which can be simplified by some easy and simple manner. I have tried to clear the picture, behind the error occurring scenarios, its reasons, symptom and some tricky methods to fix it out easily. I would like to suggest you guys, to try the manual method, only when you are aware of the coding and technical knowledge. If you are not capable to handle then you must go for an easy and simple method and that is debugging the error through a free tool which is described above. Now, it's totally your call which method suited you well.

Hope, this article will help you to resolve the issue soon.

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